Professional Affairs Committee

AACP Article

According to the Bylaws of AACP, the Professional Affairs Committee is to study issues associated with the professional practice as they relate to pharmaceutical education, and to establish and improve working relationships with all other organizations in the field of health affairs. The Committee is also encouraged to address related agenda items relevant to its Bylaws charge and to identify issues for consideration by subsequent committees, task forces, commissions, or other groups.

As previous AACP Standing Committees have examined, faculty and preceptors play a significant role not only in the education of future pharmacists, but int he continued evolution of pharmacy practice and health care.  The Professional Affairs Committee will study the potential roles and needs of clinical educators (faculty and preceptors) in leading transformation in pharmacy practice.  All of these educators have the potential to be a "Faculty Champion" in the area of teaching, practice, and/or research.  The 2018-2019 Professional Affairs Committee will be focused on the following charges:

  • Discussion of the potential roles and responsibilities of faculty and preceptors leading transformation and enhanced patient care services in pharmacy practice;
  • Description of factors, including clinician well-being and resilience, which may influence faculty and preceptor involvement in practice transformation and the enhancement of patient care services; and
  • Recommendations on how the efforts and successes of faculty and preceptors involved in pharmacy practice transformation can be replicated, can be recognized and the types of continuing professional development (CPD) that should be available to enable the influence and implementation of patient care services.
Philip D. Hall (Medical University of South Carolina) Chair
Lynette R. Bradley-Baker (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison
Hannah Fish (National Community Pharmacy Association) Liaison Member
Sarah McBane (West Coast University) Member
Jeff Mercer (Harding University) Member
Cynthia Moreau (Nova Southeastern University) Member
James Owen (American Pharmacists Association) Liaison Member
Anne Policastri (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) Liaison Member
Gail B. Rattinger (Binghamton University) Member
Sneha Baxi Srivastava (Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science) Member
Michael C. Thomas(Samford University McWhorter) Member

All standing committee reports are published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and the most recent Professional Affairs Committee report can be accessed on the AJPE website.