Research and Graduate Affairs Committee

AACP Article

According to AACP's bylaws, the duties of the Research and Graduate Affairs Committee (RGAC) include assisting in the development of AACP's research, graduate education and scholarship agenda. The work of the 2019–2020 RGAC will focus on the the following charges.

  1. Articulate the case for implementation science as a key strategy for practice and curricular advancement efforts led by academic institutions.
  2. Evaluate the state of implementation science research across academic pharmacy and determine the need for research pipeline development and/or faculty development within this discipline.
  3. Outline a plan to raise the profile of implementation science among CEO deans, associate deans for research and pharmacy practice and social and administrative science department chairs.
  4. Define strategies and draft an action plan for AACP’s role in facilitating school leaders in application of implementation science with their stakeholders.

All standing committee reports are published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, and previous RGAC reports can be found on the AJPE website.

Grace Kuo (Oregon State University), Chair
Dorothy Farrell (AACP), Staff Liaison
Jennifer L. Bacci (University of Washington), Member
Michelle A. Chui (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Member
Joel Farley (University of Minnesota), Member
Peter M. Gannett (Nova Southeastern University), Member
Sheldon G. Holstad (American College of Clinical Pharmacy), Member
Melanie Livet (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Member