Strategic Engagement Committee

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To access Committee reports and a list of each Committee roster please visit the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.

The 2017–18 Strategic Engagement Committee will:

  • Identify best practices of colleges and schools of pharmacy utilizing the talents and abilities of their students to enhance the effectiveness of the school’s/college’s mission and programmatic needs.
  • Explore the opportunities and challenges of colleges and schools of pharmacy to encourage and support students as engaged citizens in areas such as recruitment, alumni engagement, IPE and adoption of the PPCP into practice settings, and to continue the skills they gain into their professional careers and community life.
Gina D. Moore (University of Colorado ) Chair
Jeffrey O. Ekoma (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Staff Liaison
Vibhuti Arya (St. John's University) Member
Elias B. Chahine (Palm Beach Atlantic University) Member
Diane B. Ginsburg (The University of Texas at Austin) Member
Karl Hess (KGI School of Pharmacy) Member
Pamela M. Moye (Mercer University) Member
Patrick Nelson Member