Student Affairs Committee

AACP Article

The 2018–2019 Student Affairs Committee will examine institutional leadership models (assistant/associate deans, professional staff) and professional development needs to optimize achievement of AACP Strategic Priority #1 on the applicant pipeline.

The Student Affairs Committee will:

  1. Determine the leadership skills necessary to develop and implement a successful student recruitment strategy in a competitive admissions environment.
  2. Develop a summary of successful leadership development practices that improve student recruitment outcomes in terms of applicant volume, yield, or diversity.
  3. Identify gaps in knowledge about student recruitment and potential resources to address them.
  4. Identify strategies to better engage individual and organizational partners beyond the traditional admissions team in the student recruitment process.
  5. Research and analyze recruitment, marketing, and communication plans to determine what strategies best appeal to the psychological needs and expectations of millennials and Gen Z students.
Jennifer S. Williams (The University of Tennessee) Chair
Dale E. English (Sullivan University) Member
Donald A. Goodwin (The University of New Mexico) Member
Lauren Hammond (Samford University) Student Member
Holly L. Mason (Purdue University) Member
Heather M. Petrelli (University of South Florida) Member
Monzurul A. Roni (Hampton University) Member
Kyle Sousa (West Coast University) Member
Jenny A. Van Amburgh (Northeastern University) Member
Libby J. Ross (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison