Student Affairs Committee

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The 2019–2020 Student Affairs Committee will examine institutional leadership models (assistant/associate deans, professional staff) and professional development needs to optimize achievement of AACP Strategic Priority #1 on the applicant pipeline.

The Student Affairs Committee will:

  1. Determine the degree to which there is evidence that strong professional identity formation is imbedded in student pharmacists' educational experience.
  2. Outline key elements of professional identity formation that educators must be aware of in establishing student learning experiences that prepare them for interprofessional practice. Define the relationships between professional identity formation and the CAPE domains 3 and 4.
  3. Explore the relationship between formal curricular learning activities and co- or extra-curricular activities coordinated by student affairs staff in supporting professional identity formation.
  4. Define strategies and draft an action plan for AACP's role in advancing efforts of schools to establish strong professional identity formation in pharmacy graduates.
Beth E. Welch (Western New England University) Chair
Sally Arif (Midwestern University - Downers Grove) Member
Timothy J. Bloom (Shenandoah University) Member
Alex N. Isaacs (Purdue University) Member
Kristin K. Janke (University of Minnesota) Member
Jessica L. Johnson (William Carey University) Member
Lindsey Moseley (Auburn University) Member
Libby J. Ross (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison