Todd D. Sorensen Presidential Statement

AACP Article

I am enthusiastic and humbled to be selected as a candidate for AACP President-Elect. I am also energized by the opportunity to serve the interests of academic colleagues and institutions across the U.S. Over my career I have been an active participant in many professional organizations, however AACP is the one that has provided the greatest degree of support and collegiality to me personally. The values of innovation and servant leadership recognized in AACP’s work reflect those of my own, thus my respect and affinity for the organization has always been great.

Early in my academic career, clinical practice was the center of my work. But it wasn’t long after I began that I found a compelling and constant tug pulling my attention to systems level issues beyond the activities of daily practice. My professional interest shifted to the leadership work that creates systems through which the patient care services of pharmacists can be delivered more consistently, more efficiently, and with greater impact. Soon my deepening interest in how to envision and lead change across communities of practitioners became too significant to ignore and influenced all of my areas of academic work. Innovation and leadership are the themes to which I have been committed in my career, and these concepts have threaded through my teaching, scholarship and service activities. Whether it be professional education, residency training, scholarly activities or pharmacy practice, I have embraced opportunities to envision and implement new ways to serve learners, patients and practitioners. This mindset and experience will be an asset to the work of AACP and its Board of Directors.

I have valued my opportunity to serve the AACP membership in the Council of Faculties and represent the Council on the Board of Directors for the past three years. I have passionately sought to create ways in which AACP and its member schools can forge opportunities for our schools’ graduates to meet the medication-related needs of society. During my term as COF Chair, I mobilized efforts within the COF to raise the profile of the Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP) “Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process” among schools and support efforts to advance instruction in this process. Efforts initiated during my term as Chair continue today via the COD/COF Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process Catalyst Community. During my term, I collaborated with COD leadership to create a joint task force on Accelerating Change in Curricular and Practice Transformation. I’m pleased that the work of this group was highly influential in framing the current AACP Strategic Plan.

I am enthusiastic about the current AACP strategic plan and invested in its success. My enthusiasm stems from the foundation on which this plan is established, framing a leadership role for AACP in the Academy. This plan calls for AACP to play a critical role as a convener to mobilize engagement of member schools in several priority areas. Looking ahead to the next AACP strategic plan, which is slated to be crafted during the term of the individual elected from this ballot, I envision continuation and expansion of this convening and leading role of AACP. A quote from author Ken Blanchard is one I have committed to memory and represents the need for this concept in AACP’s strategic plan: None of us is as smart as all of us. There are important issues facing the Academy and the profession – no school can navigate these successfully on their own, no organization can address these issues primarily through its staff and elected leaders. Strategies, support systems, and accountability for action will emerge from our academic and professional communities. AACP has an essential role to play organizing, facilitating and leading in this environment, positioning academic pharmacy as an important source of influence in the profession of pharmacy and in health professions education.

I am constantly inspired by the commitment and determination of AACP’s members, selflessly prioritizing the interests of patients and learners. It is this external focus and deep-rooted belief in the work that we do in the Academy that makes AACP a vibrant organization constantly seeking to move itself and the profession of pharmacy forward. I ask for your vote, pledging to bring the themes of innovation and leadership on your behalf to the work of AACP. It would be an honor to serve as your president and join the talents assembled across the organization committed to making impactful contributions to the delivery of health care in the U.S.