Volwiler Research Achievement Award Committee

AACP Article

The charge of the Volwiler Research Achievement Award Committee is to:

  1. Select one recipient to forward to the Board of Directors to be recognized as the recipient of the 2018 Volwiler Award.
  2. Review the current selection criteria and suggest necessary changes for consideration by the Board of Directors.

Julie A. Johnson (University of Florida) Chair
Melinda D. Colon (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison
David A. Colby (The University of Mississippi) Member
Jinsong Hao (Marshall University School of Pharmacy) Member
Sara Low (KGI School of Pharmacy) Member
Heather A. Pace (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Member
Vassilios Papadopoulos (University of Southern California) Member
Palmer W. Taylor (University of California, San Diego) Member