Social and Administrative Sciences Section Webinar

May 21, 2019
1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. EST

Sustaining Research Productivity Across Your Career

Research is an essential component of the tripartite mission of schools of pharmacy. Faculty research expectations differ depending on various factors, one of which is whether one’s institution is considered teaching-intensive or research-intensive. Taking faculty mobility into account, especially when considering a transition to a more research-intensive position, how may a faculty member prepare to be successful? Dr. Michelle Chui will share strategies for sustaining research productivity across one’s career. She will draw upon her experiences of achieving promotion/tenure at both teaching-intensive and research-intensive institutions.

You are invited to click here to submit questions to Dr. Chui by May 1, 2019, so that she may tailor the webinar to registrants' needs.   


  • Compare and contrast research expectations at teaching-intensive and research-intensive institutions
  • Describe components to formulate a 3-year plan when considering a transition to a more research-intensive position 
  • Describe strategies to grow and sustain your research stream


Lourdes G. Planas, RPh, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Oklahoma


Michelle A. Chui, PharmD, PhD
Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Social & Administrative Sciences Division
Director, Sonderegger Research Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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