ALFP Dean Mentor - Leadership Coach Role Description

AACP Resource


The Dean Mentor is a senior colleague who serves as role model and coach to an individual Fellow in a formal relationship. A Dean Mentor / Leadership Coach should create an environment that dissolves the limitations of history, expectation, and assumption. The mentor, when permissible, includes the Fellow in activities that advance leadership skills enabling the Fellow to pursue professional, project, and personal goals throughout the year.


  • Provide opportunities within the mentors network that empowers the Fellow to practice and gain leadership competency.
  • Encourage the Fellow to find opportunities within the school/ college and institution that further their knowledge.
  • Encourage advocacy for community, innovation and support of the profession of pharmacy and advancement of health care.
  • Coach the Fellow through activities specific within the Leadership Program.


The connection between the Dean Mentor / Leadership Coach and Fellow is important. This ongoing relationship allows the Fellow to have the freedom to explore new ideas and test theories and practice before putting ideas into play. It is highly encouraged for the mentor to establish a connection with the Leadership Facilitator for the purposes of understanding the topics and discussion occurring during the ALFP programming, as well as within AACP and higher education. When necessary, the Leadership Coach and Facilitator should strategize on the best use of the Fellows time and activities in order for the Fellow to gain the most from the program.

Knowledge & Experience

  • Values and ethics consistent with AACP.
  • Leadership position in higher education, health professions education or organization serving members in health care professions.
  • Knowledge of leadership theory, practice and implementation.
  • Willingness to explore his/her own leadership role, and to coach the Fellow through the development of new knowledge and skills.
  • Assist the Fellow in developing a new network of contacts.
  • Access to University leadership, local and state representatives for advocacy and activism outreach.

Typical Activities

  • Reviews the goals and topics of the ALFP program.
  • Assists prospective Fellow with application and development of personal goals for growth.
  • Develops a program of study for the year including goals, topics, individuals and titles for meetings, and a schedule of ongoing meetings. (Draft program of study provided by ALFP may be modified by Dean Mentor and Fellow)
  • Assists Fellow in networking within higher education, health professions education and pharmacy education.
  • Assist Fellow in determination of how his/her participation in the ALFP will impact the school/college and/or Institution.
  • Contact ALFP Director to discuss individual program, and the ALFP goals, objectives and activities and provide assessment, as needed.
  • Available for discussion with Leadership Facilitator during the Fellows program of study (Suggested: Individually once a quarter and at INterim and Annual Meetings).