Fellow Definition

An individual accepted into the AACP Academic Leadership Fellows Program (ALFP). Note: This role is different from an AACP Fellow.


  • Development of leadership abilities and persona.
  • Foster attitudes and behaviors which characterize and relate to humanity.
  • Actively seek out role models and desire to develop new knowledge and skills.
  • Willingness to cast aside history, expectations and assumptions in order to create an individual and effective leadership style.
  • Aspire to move others toward a shared vision within your organization.


  • Connections will be strengthened with Dean Mentor / Leadership Coach. A schedule of regular meetings scheduled from Day 1 are encouraged.
  • Connection with a group of fellows (a large group of 30 and a smaller group of 6) will allow exploration of values, theories, concepts, and actions.
  • Leadership Facilitators are colleagues from higher education or health profession education who will provide advising and guidance throughout the formal ALFP program. S/he will work with your Dean Mentor to enable you to grow according to your plan of development.
  • Connections with AACP staff are encouraged who will facilitate a strong role for your leadership within AACP.
  • Additional connections will be made as you advocate and connect to community for outreach and activism.

Program Requirements

  • Member of AACP.
  • In a position to accept leadership responsibilities.
  • Ethics and values consistent with AACP.
  • Suggest a minimum of 2 year relationship with the Dean Mentor / Leadership Coach.
  • Assurance of release time to engage in a group project, and other leadership projects within the school or University as part of ALFP.
  • Funding and ability to attend 4 multiple day sessions during the year.
  • Each year there are more applicants than positions available. Leadership facilitators will select individuals who appear most prepared for the experience, based upon Dean's letter, mentoring plan, and possibility of currently serving in a leadership role.

Typical Activities

  • Develops personal leadership development plan, and institutes reading, advocacy and networking related to that plan.
  • Attends and actively participates in four multi day meetings during the year.
  • Schedules meetings (formal and informal) with Dean Mentor; and plans for those meetings by providing topics and discussion agenda or sharing that responsibility with the Dean Mentor.
  • Participates in a group project, which strengthens leadership skills and working in a team environment.
  • Improves and or develops modern leadership attitudes and behaviors related to human interactions, including Ethical leadership.