ALFP Leadership Facilitator Role Description

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The ALFP Leadership Facilitator is a senior leader in health professions education who provides support and encouragement to a designated group of Fellows. The role of the Facilitator is to provide feedback on the Fellows' individual professional, project, and personal goals. Facilitators enable Fellows to take ownership of their ALFP experience though contributing to programming and the assessment of ALFP sessions. The facilitator listens to ideas, stimulates new ways of thinking, provides feedback on progress, and advises on projects. Facilitators add insight to the Fellows' experience by contributing to discussions and role modeling.


  • Lead with heart.
  • Listen to ideas and concerns (confidant) of colleagues and Fellows.
  • Stimulate new ways of thinking.
  • Provide Feedback on leadership progress to individual Fellows and Dean Mentors.
  • Assist in assessment of the fellows program for quality improvement.


Connection with individuals and leadership opportunities occur in small group sessions scheduled within the Fellows program over the course of the year. Relationships are developed within team groups of Fellows selected by Leadership Facilitators and ALFP Director prior to Session I. Contact throughout the ALFP experience is maintained through e-mail, discussion boards, and other forms of digital communications. The ALFP Director suggests the Leadership Facilitator communicate with Dean Mentor's to discuss Fellow's progress in the program.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Values and ethics consistent with AACP.
  • Leadership position in higher education, health professions education or organization serving members in health care professions.
  • Knowledge of leadership theory, practice and implementation.
  • Ability to lead small group discussions and case studies.

Typical Activities

  • Participates in selection of cohort.
  • Determines appropriateness of group and individual projects.
  • Participates in round table discussions by listening and selectively providing input into discussion.
  • Recommends resource articles for knowledge and discussion from the Harvard Business Review.
  • Shares leadership and lessons learned as they arise.
  • Advises individual Fellows about professional, project and personal development as needed.
  • Build and lead case discussions
  • Provide a leaders perspective to Fellows across the program.
  • Interact with Dean Mentor / Leadership Coach  to discuss program activities and topics, and to provide ongoing Fellow progression. (Suggested: Individually once a quarter and/or at INterim and Annual meetings).
  • Offer ongoing assessment for quality improvement of the program with AACP staff.