ALFP Registration Information and Process


2021–2022 Cohort 18 Application & Submission Information


Call for Nominations

The AACP Academic Leadership Fellows Program (ALFP) is a year-long program designed to develop the nation's most promising pharmacy faculty for roles as future leaders in academic pharmacy and higher education. The four-session ALFP includes self-assessment, peer assessment, in-depth leadership development, team building, consideration of issues critical to academic pharmacy and higher education, interacting with national and international leaders in pharmacy and higher education, administrative competency development, and application of leadership experiences.



Instructions for Nominators and Nominees

Please read all the information in the application carefully.  The Dean of the college or school must make the nomination and the nominee must be an AACP member.

Prior to completing the application, the Dean must meet with the nominee to:

  1. Develop a plan with the potential Fellow that will provide learning experiences regarding the strategy and operations of academic pharmacy and higher education within the college/school and the parent institution that he or she would otherwise not experience;
  2. Agree to mentor the nominee; or, if applicable, help identify a co-mentor within the institution or at another college or school of pharmacy;
  3. Discuss adequate time to be released from the nominee's faculty/administrator duties to pursue development activities associated with the ALFP, for scheduled ALFP meetings and for development activities at the home institution;
  4. Arrange a schedule of meetings throughout the Fellow year to discuss ALFP activities, professional goals, and lessons learned through participation in governance at the home institution; and
  5. Commit financial support to the nominee, including program tuition, travel, lodging, some meals, and personal expenses associated with participation in the ALFP. Registration for AACP Interim and Annual Meetings are included in ALFP tuition.

The Dean must submit a letter of recommendation on behalf of the nominee. The letter should be no more than one page and address these three points:

  1. How you would describe the nominee’s competencies/talents and potential for leadership
  2. Why you believe the nominee should be accepted as an Academic Leadership Fellow
  3. Describe the mentoring plan you and the nominee have developed

Participant Requirements

If selected as an AACP Academic Leadership Fellow, the Fellow commits to attend and participate in all program-required activities and assignments. The program involves attending four ALFP Sessions, and participating in the AACP INterim and Annual Meetings. ALFP Sessions III and IV are held in conjunction with the INterim and Annual Meetings.  Absence or failure to complete required activities and assignments may result in dismissal from the ALFP and loss of tuition. Due to the intensive nature and team-building focus of the in-residence programming sessions, family members / guests are excluded. 

Selection and Notification

An institution may nominate one individual. Selection of Fellows will be made by the cohort Leadership Facilitators on an individual basis with attention given to the strength of the nomination letter, the proposed mentoring plan for the Fellow's involvement in leadership learning experiences at the home institution, and the nominee's letter of intent. To meet program goals and maximize each Fellow's leadership development opportunities, we seek diversity in the Fellows' cohort based on nominee's career stage, academic discipline, and leadership / management experience.

Thirty (30) qualified nominees will be selected. Due to the deadline extension, nominees will be notified in early May 2021.

Application/Nomination Procedure

Applications for the Academic Leadership Fellows Program are collected through the online submission form. It is highly recommended that you set up a Formsite login account before adding information to the online application form.

The following required supporting documents should be assembled accordingly in a “single PDF document” and uploaded in the online submission form.

1. Nominee’s Letter of Intent, initialed by the Dean Mentor

Completed by the Nominee, submit a letter of intent, limited to 1000 words or 2½ to 3 double-spaced pages that address the following:

  1. Briefly describe your history of leadership / management experiences. The letter should identify your history of leadership activities at the institution such as chairing committees; advising student groups; mentoring students and faculty; developing community / institutional programs; supervising an active research program; and/or formal administrative or supervisory capacity.
  2. Address your future career goals.
  3. What you hope to learn through the AACP Academic Leadership Fellows Program.
  4. How you would like to make a difference through your leadership in academic pharmacy and higher education.
2. Current curriculum vitae
3. Letter of recommendation from the Dean Mentor

The letter should be no more than one page and address the three points provided below:

  1. How you would describe the nominee’s competencies / talents and potential for leadership?
  2. Why you believe the nominee should be an Academic Leadership Fellow?
  3. Describe the mentoring plan you and the nominee have developed?

Application Checklist

Completed applications must include the following three documents combined in a “single PDF document”:

  1. Nominee’s letter of intent, initialed by the nominator (limit 1000 words or 2½-3 double-spaced pages)
  2. Current curriculum vitae
  3. Letter of recommendation from the nominating Dean (one page)

Application Deadline

All application materials must be submitted through the online submission form by April 9, 2021.

If you have questions regarding the program, please contact: Latasha Wade, PharmD, Senior Director of Academic Affairs and Professional Development.