2020 Call for Research and Education Poster Abstracts


The Council of Sections (COS) invites American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) members to submit research and education poster abstracts for the 2020 Annual Meeting poster sessions on Sunday, July 19 and Monday, July 20, in Long Beach, California.

Deadline: Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 11:59 P.M. (PST)



  • All abstracts must be submitted by AACP members. Information to join or renew one’s membership can be found on the AACP website.
  • The primary author must submit the abstract.
  • Members may only submit up to two (2) abstracts for review but may also be listed as a co-author on unlimited abstracts submitted by other individuals. Should someone submit more than two abstracts, he or she will be asked to select which abstract(s) to withdraw from consideration.
  • Authors may submit abstracts for posters that have been presented at another meeting within the last year but are asked to format the abstract according to the guidelines below.
  • Abstracts describing human subject research are required to submit Institutional Review Board approval documentation at the time of abstract submission. 
  • Abstracts describing works in progress will not be accepted for presentation at a research and education poster session.
  • Abstracts must be submitted to the Section of membership of either the primary (submitting) or secondary author.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed by members of the Section to which they have been submitted. Please refer to the Research and Education Abstract Evaluation Criteria when composing your abstract to ensure your work is adequately described.
  • Only the submitting author will receive notification of acceptance or rejection after the review process is completed (mid-April). It is the responsibility of the submitting author to communicate this decision to any co-authors. Please do not call AACP to learn the status of your abstract.
  • Accepted abstracts will be published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. Please Note: If an abstract has previously been published in another journal, it will not be published again in AJPE.

Submission Instructions

All abstracts must be submitted online via the research and education abstract portal of the Annual Meeting submission site by Wednesday, February 19, 2020. Abstracts erroneously submitted through the school poster portal cannot be moved into the research and education abstract portal; please follow the instruction below to ensure your abstract is submitted correctly.

  1. To add or edit an abstract, go to Submit or Edit a Proposal under the Submitter Menu.
  2. To submit a new proposal, select Submit a Research and Education Abstract under the Submit a New Proposal menu.
  3. On the following screen, select the Section to which you are submitting the abstract:
    • Administrative Services
    • Biological Sciences
    • Chemistry
    • Continuing Professional Development
    • Experiential Education
    • Library and Information Science
    • Pharmaceutics
    • Pharmacy Practice
    • Social and Administrative Sciences
  4. Complete all required (*) fields on the submission page.
    • Proposal Title: Type directly into the form or copy the title from an existing word processing document. The title should indicate the nature of the study and must not exceed fifteen words. Do not type in all capital letters; only major words in the title should be capitalized.
    • Abstract: Type directly into the form or copy the abstract from an existing word processing document as it will appear in the final format. Tables, symbols, and figures cannot be accommodated. Please refer to the AJPE Author Instructions for more information regarding formatting of the text of your abstract. Please note: The total combined word count of the following four elements must not exceed 275 words:
      • Objective (please be sure to include your central hypothesis or research question, if applicable)
      • Methods
      • Results
      • Conclusions
    • Content or Work: Select the category most closely describes the content of the work presented in the abstract? Please note: The content of work selected will determine which set of evaluation criteria is used to score your submission. 
      • Administrative and/or Broad Programmatic Issues: Abstract describes approaches to or aspects of management, leadership, strategy, policy or governance of programs/institutions.
      • Educational Development and Innovation: Abstract describes the development and assessment of relatively new courses or educational initiatives.
      • Educational Research: Abstract describes research involving previously established courses or initiatives, including but not limited to enhancements or changes to such courses or the method of assessment employed in those courses.
      • Research in the Discipline: Abstract describes studies that align with the general emphasis of research conducted in the section to which the abstract is submitted or the mission of that section.
    • Human Subject Research: Indicate if your abstract describes human subject research? If you are unsure, please consult your IRB for further guidance.
    • Institutional Review Board: If you answered yes to the previous question, indicate if you received IRB approval or exemption for this work? Please note: If you answered yes to the question above and answer no to this question, your abstract will be rejected without review. If you answer yes to this question, you will be required to submit proof of IRB approval at a later point in the abstract submission process (see step 7).
    • Student Presenter: Indicate if a student pharmacist, graduate student, resident or fellow will present this poster. Please note: If you are a student pharmacist, graduate student, postdoc, resident or fellow and would like to participate in the trainee poster competition, you must submit your abstract through the trainee poster competition abstract portal (see step 2 above). Submissions through the regular research and education abstract category will not be included in the competition.
    • Author's Section Membership: Indicate if the primary (submitting) author, secondary author, or both authors are member of the Section to which the abstract is being submitted.
    • Select Accept and Continue to advance to the next screen.
  5. Add author(s) and presenter(s), if necessary, to your abstract:
    • To add authors, type in the last name under Add/Search for Author by Last Name and click on Search for Author.
    • If the intended author is listed in the AACP member database, their name and contact information will appear under the Choose From List of Authors menu. Select the author by clicking on the appropriate Add Author link under the Action column.
    • If, after searching by last name, an author is not currently in the member database, click on Add Unlisted Author link on the bottom left and enter the author's name and contact information.
    • The role of Presenter or Author can be assigned to each of the authors listed on the main table under the Role column. As the submitting author, you will be listed as a presenter by default. If you are not the presenter, you may switch your role to author, but at least one other author must be assigned the role of presenter. All presenters will also be listed as authors in AJPE.
    • Verify the names are in the order in which you'd like them published in AJPE. Changes to author order can be made by clicking Up or Down in the Display Order column. Reminder: The submitting author should be listed as the primary author.
    • Select Accept and Continue to advance to the review screen.
  6. Please review the submitted details on the summary page and edit as needed by clicking the corresponding Edit link to the right of the content you wish to edit. Please note: AACP will not proofread accepted abstracts prior to publication in AJPE. If you make edits to your submission, select Accept and Continue to return to the summary screen.
  7. If your abstract describes human subject research, attach your IRB approval documentation click on the Upload IRB Approval or Exemption Documentation link on the Summary: Individual Submission screen and select the appropriate file to upload. The only accepted document formats are Microsoft Word (except Word 2007), Adobe PDF, Word Perfect, Plain Text, or Rich Text Format (rtf). If you are uncertain of what documentation is needed, please contact Dr. Kirsten Block at kblock@aacp.org. Select Accept and Continue to complete your submission. A confirmation message will appear in the submission portal, and an email to confirm the submitted abstract will be sent to the submitting author.
  8. If your submission does not require proof of IRB approval, select Accept and Continue on the Summary: Individual Submission screen to submit your abstract. No information has been saved by the submission system prior to this point. A confirmation message will appear in the submission portal, and an email to confirm the submitted abstract will be sent to the submitting author.
  9. You may return to your submission and make changes to it at any time before the submission deadline. It is advised that, if you are submitting IRB documentation with your abstract, you return to your submission and confirm that the appropriate file has been uploaded correctly. AACP will not check submissions for the presence and accuracy of uploaded documentation prior to the submission deadline.

Poster Presentations

  • Accepted abstracts will be presented as posters at one of three poster sessions on Sunday, July 19, 2020, or Monday, July 20, 2020. 
  • At least one author must be present during the poster session to which the poster is assigned. 
  • Meeting registration and attendance is required for all presenters.
  • Audio/visual and/or computers cannot be accommodated during the poster sessions.
  • Poster session assignment and a board number will be communicated to the submitting author after acceptance (approximately mid/late May). If a co-author will present the poster, it is the responsibility of the submitting author to communicate poster session assignment and board number to the presenter.
  • If an attendee is presenting multiple posters, AACP cannot guarantee that these posters will be assigned to the same poster session or located near one another.
  • AACP will not produce any handouts. However, authors may provide handouts to give to participants.
  • Each poster board measures four feet high by eight feet long. Push pins or Velcro® dots must be supplied by the presenters.