Strategic Engagement


AACP builds and maintains partnerships with other pharmacy, healthcare, higher education and research organizations.  We work with these partners to facilitate enhanced recognition, understanding and utilization of the education, practice and research activities at pharmacy schools.  

With its members and partners, AACP seeks to educate policy makers and funders to promote the development of health, education, practice and research policies that are evidence-based, effective and address the needs of AACP members, other stakeholders and the public.

AACP Policies

The strategic engagement agenda and priority areas are aligned with the organizational policy statements developed through our governance bodies (Councils, Sections, Special Interest Groups) and considered for adoption by our House of Delegates.

Agenda and priority areas is supported by the evidence collected through our Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

Coalition Membership and Participation

  • AACP collaborates with many organizations and coalitions to realize its strategic engagement mission and other association priorities.
  • AACP staff establish and maintain relationships with relevant nonprofit organization and federal agency staff (e.g. NIH, NSF, CDC) to build and sustain support for the practice, public policy, research and training needs of faculty and professional pharmacy and graduate students. 

Engagement with AACP Members

  • AACP staff provides updates and resources to AACP members via online resources, electronic communications, in-person presentations, as well as consultations as requested.
  • Information is solicited from AACP members regarding their innovation, development, process and outcomes in education, practice and research.

Federal Monitoring and Relationship-Building

  • AACP staff monitors legislation, appropriations and other sources for information relevant to education and research missions of pharmacy schools.
  • AACP staff establishes and maintains relationships with legislative and administration staff to build and sustain support for the needs of academic and professional pharmacy.

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