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AACP Connect is a platform that allows users to network, collaborate, share, and much more using the Community discussion boards and libraries. Keep informed and stay in tuned to what is happening with your peers by logging in and joining Communities. Each Council, Section, and Special Interest Group has their own Community. There are various specialized Communities as well accessible to all AACP members.

Volunteer Opportunities Board

We are excited to announce the release of our Volunteer Opportunities Board in AACP Connect! Volunteers are integral to AACP's success. Our goal for the new volunteer management system is to capture all of our volunteer opportunities and establish a simple process for engaging volunteers. By volunteering for AACP opportunities you can become more engaged with AACP and your peers. You will also have the opportunity to track your own volunteering history for a path towards leadership positions within the governance group structure of the association.

Create a Community

Are you interested in starting your own AACP Connect Community? View the AACP Connect Community Guidelines first. Then complete and submit this form and AACP staff will contact you with more details.

AACP Connect Training

Are you interested in learning more about AACP Connect and all the things it can do? Sign up for a one-on-one or small team (up to six people) training session with Matt Cipriani, the AACP Connect administrator.