SIG Cabinet

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Mission Statement

The mission of the SIG Cabinet is to ensure that the unique planning, learning and networking needs of AACP members are effectively met through SIG programs, projects and leadership development opportunities.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

If you would like to join a SIG, please go to your AACP member profile page. Members may designate up to two SIGs as their Primary SIGs and there is no limit to the number of SIGs they can designate as Informational SIGs. For a full description of each SIG please visit AACP Connect. 


Administrative and Financial Officers

Leads and partners with our members to contribute financial/administrative expertise in a manner that supports the AACP and its membership in advancing pharmacy education, research, scholarship, practice and service to improve societal health.


Robert E. Lamb (Mercer University) Chair
Dale E. Rush (University of Illinois at Chicago) Chair-elect 
Chelsea Walker (The University of New Mexico) Immediate Past Chair
Jeffrey J. Thomas (University of Minnesota) Secretary of Knowledge Management

Facilitates faculty exchange of ideas and innovations regarding programmatic assessment planning, implementation, and outcome management as it impacts programmatic improvement.


Margarita DiVall (Northeastern University) Chair
Neal J. Benedict (University of Pittsburgh) Chair-elect
Tara L. Jenkins (Touro University California) Immediate Past Chair
Wallace Marsh (University of New England) Secretary of Knowledge Management

Works within the academy to focus on, promote and address key issues related to curriculum in pharmacy schools to ensure that curricula are always meeting the current and future needs of pharmacy graduates.


Joel C. Marrs (University of Colorado ) Chair
Diane W. Morel (South College) Chair-elect
Jennifer A. Henriksen (Manchester University College of Pharmacy) Immediate Past Chair
Jennifer M. Malinowski (Wilkes University) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Development Directors

Provides support, continuing education and networking opportunities to development officers at colleges and schools of pharmacy and information on best practices, strategies and information on all aspects of major gift solicitation.


Kori Caldwell (Auburn University) Chair
Tom Dauber (The Ohio State University) Chair-elect
Elizabeth A. Zipper (The University of Florida) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Geriatric Pharmacy

Positively impacts and improves geriatric care and pharmacy education through collaboration and communication of ideas among faculty regarding innovative teaching, clinical practice, research, scholarship, and service activities related to geriatric pharmacotherapy topics.


Rebecca Mahan (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center) Chair
Christine M. Ruby-Scelsi (University of Pittsburgh) Chair-elect
Elizabeth K. Pogge (Midwestern University/Glendale) Immediate Past Chair
Teresa M. DeLellis (Manchester University College of Pharmacy) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Global Pharmacy Education

Provides a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and programs that pertain to pharmacy education, research and healthcare on a global basis.


David Steeb (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Chair
Abby A. Kahaleh (Roosevelt University) Chair-elect
Toyin S. Tofade (Howard University) Immediate Past Chair
Monica L. Miller (Purdue University) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Graduate Education

Strengthens pharmacy graduate education and post-doctoral training by fostering a national dialogue that will enable development of programs, courses, and shared resources between institutions.


Richard R. Vaillancourt (The University of Arizona) Chair
Kimberly B. Garza (Auburn University) Chair-elect
Angela K. Birnbaum (University of Minnesota) Immediate Past Chair
Alok Bhushan (Thomas Jefferson University) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Health Care Ethics

Serves as a resource for members of AACP to exchange ideas and innovations in teaching, research, and patient care related to health care ethics.


James W. Torr (Lipscomb University) Chair
David M. Baker (Western New England University) Chair-elect
James Ruble (The University of Utah) Immediate Past Chair
Health Disparities and Cultural Competence

Supports members in their endeavors to design, implement, assess and evaluate research, educational and pharmacy practice initiatives that foster the delivery of culturally and linguistically competent, evidence-based, patient-centered care that effectively address disparate health outcomes.


Nancy Borja-Hart (The University of Tennessee) Chair
Imbi Drame (Howard University) Chair-elect
Naser Z. Alsharif (Creighton University) Immediate Past Chair
Jeri J. Sias (The University of Texas at El Paso) Secretary of Knowledge Management 
History of Pharmacy

Promotes the teaching of pharmacy history at pharmacy schools throughout North America, advances research and scholarship in the history of pharmacy, disseminates historical information about the profession and fosters the collection and preservation of historical artifacts related to the pharmacy profession.


Michael A. Hegener (University of Cincinnati) Chair
James M. Culhane (Notre Dame of Maryland University) Chair-elect
Ettie Rosenberg (West Coast University) Immediate Past Chair
Terri M. Wensel (Samford University) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Laboratory Instructors

Improves laboratory course content by providing direction for laboratory courses in the professional pharmacy curricula.


Andrea L. Porter (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Chair
Gina Bellottie (Thomas Jefferson University) Chair-elect
Karen R. Sando (Nova Southeastern University) Immediate Past Chair
Deanna Tran (University of Maryland) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Leadership Development

Supports the development of leaders in all facets of the pharmacy profession and the Academy.


Kerry K. Fierke (University of Minnesota) Chair
Jenelle Sobotka (The University of Cincinnati) Chair-elect
Andrew S. Bzowyckyj (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Immediate Past Chair
Edward C. Portillo (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Minority Faculty

Facilitate networking; leads multi-institutional research in the area of minority recruitment, retention, and promotion at majority and minority schools of pharmacy; Addresses any deficiencies in the collection and reporting of data; encourages and supports minority representation in leadership, and identifies and brings to AACP’s attention, issues of importance to, and from the perspective of minority faculty.


Oscar W. Garza (University of Minnesota) Chair
Antonio Bush (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Chair-elect
Ashley M. Taylor (Xavier University of Louisiana) Immediate Past Chair
Chenita W. Carter (Florida A&M University) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Pediatric Pharmacy

Facilitates pediatric faculty collaboration and communication of ideas and innovations in teaching, research, practice, and service activities related to neonatal and pediatric pharmacotherapy that will positively impact student learning.


William A. Prescott Jr. (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York) Chair
Peter N. Johnson (University of Oklahoma) Chair-elect
Mary A. Worthington (Samford University) Immediate Past Chair
Nicholas Fusco (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York) Secretary of Knowledge Management 

Provides an interdisciplinary academic forum for the exchange of ideas and resources pertinent to the effective teaching of pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics in the professional curriculum of colleges/schools of pharmacy and facilitates the implementation of pharmacogenomic sciences and technologies in the member institutions.


Philip E. Empey (University of Pittsburgh) Chair
Roseann S. Gammal (MCPHS University-Boston) Chair-elect
Christina L. Aquilante (University of Colorado) Immediate Past Chair
Public Health

Works to enable the Academy to focus on issues and impacts that serve to protect, promote, enhance the health and well-being of all people and the environment; and prevent disease in a global framework.


Leslie Ochs (University of New England) Chair
Jonathan Thigpen (Notre Dame of Maryland University) Chair-elect
Jordan R. Covvey (Duquesne University) Immediate Past Chair
Cortney M. Mospan (Wingate University) Secretary of Knowledge Management 
Self-Care Therapeutics/Nonprescription Medicine

Facilitates faculty exchange of ideas and innovations regarding teaching methodology, experiential education, research and scholarly activities in the self-care arena and to positively impact student learning.


Kristy L. Brittain (Medical University of South Carolina) Chair
Jennifer A. Wilson (Wingate University) Chair-elect
Emily M. Ambizas (St. John's University) Immediate Past Chair
Miranda J. Wilhelm (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Student Services Personnel

Represents all aspects of student services activities within a college or school of pharmacy and brings together professional staff, faculty and administrators to discuss issues of importance in the student activities arena.


Jeremy A. Hughes (California Health Sciences University) Chair
Helen C. Park (Roseman University of Health Sciences) Chair-elect
Renee M. DeHart (Samford University) Immediate Past Chair
Amy Diepenbrock (University of the Incarnate Word) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Substance Use Disorder

Promotes and enhances professional and public education concerning substance abuse, to promote and foster the provision of appropriate substance abuse assistance and recovery support for professionals and the public, and to promote scholarly inquiry concerning substance abuse as it impacts the profession of pharmacy and the public whom we serve.


Tran Tran (Midwestern University/Downers Grove) Chair
Laura C. Palombi (University of Minnesota) Chair-elect
Cynthia P. Koh-Knox (Purdue University) Immediate Past Chair
Jennifer A. Tilleman (Creighton University) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Technology in Pharmacy Education and Learning

Help institutions and the members of the Academy integrate educational technologies that positively impact student learning and the processes of teaching, learning and assessment.


Timothy Aungst (MCPHS University) Chair
Marsha McFalls (California Northstate University) Chair-elect
Fred Doloresco III (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Women Faculty

Supports the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in academic careers; cultivates leadership of women faculty; facilitates networking; and identifies and brings to the Association’s attention issues of importance to, and from the perspective of, women faculty.


Seena L. Haines (The University of Mississippi) Chair
Jenny A. Van Amburgh (Northeastern University) Chair-elect
Tonja M. Woods (University of Wyoming) Immediate Past Chair
Jean Y. Moon (University of Minnesota) Secretary of Knowledge Management