Assessment & Accreditation Management System (AAMS)

Assessment & Accreditation Management System (AAMS)

The Assessment and Accreditation Management System (AAMS) was developed by AACP with collaboration from the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). The purpose of this system is to assist member schools and colleges of pharmacy with their assessment and accreditation-related activities.

AAMS for Standards 2016

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Questions? Check the FAQ or send an email to AAMS Support.

AAMS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t find my invitation email from the system!

A: Please check your junk mail folder for the invitation message that was sent from If you are unable to locate the email, please email for information on how to whitelist emails coming from the new AAMS system.

Q: Did information from AAMS 1.0 (Standards 2007) get transferred over to the new AAMS?

A: Administrative data that is required within the rubric for Standards 2016 from some AACP surveys does populate in the new AAMS. However, any documents or information inputted into the Self-Study OR the Program Assessment section of AAMS 1.0 did not get transferred over (this is due to the new system being built according to Standards 2016 and not Standards 2007). Your institution will have been responsible for saving any data from AAMS 1.0 prior to system retirement.

Q: How do I easily share the draft self-study with all of my faculty?

A: Within the AAMS you can setup accounts for all of your faculty, who are not already AAMS users, with the read-only permission. This allows them to read the self-study and access attached documents and links, but not make any edits. This will require an internet connection on the part of the user in order to login to their AAMS account and access the self-study.

Q: I am trying to access a standard, and it seems to be taking a long time. Why is that?

A: The AAMS will take some time to load certain standards or sections of the system. The system is pulling from a dynamic database that houses information for all AACP member institutions that have an AAMS account.

Q: There used to be several different user types in the first AAMS, where are they in the new system?

A: The user types were simplified in the new AAMS. Now, there is only one school administrator per school and a basic “School User”. This “School User” can be assigned various permissions to give them access to the system. Please visit the link listed above to view a video on adding users.

Q: Can there be two “School Administrators” at an institution?

A: No, there can be only one school administrator per institution, this person has master access to the system. However, the “School Administrator” can assign another user with almost the same level of access as the “School Administrator”. Please note that the School Administrator is the only user that can submit the self-study to ACPE.

Q: Should I put "Department of _______?" in my Department name field?

A: For department names under your institution's profile, it is unnecessary to input "Department of ______". When your Self-Study generates, these sections will appropriately be labeled (departments, campuses, etc).

Q: I am trying to generate a PDF of a standard in AAMS. However, nothing is generating, why is that?

A: The pop-up blocker on your computer's browser may be enabled. For AAMS, please have your pop-up blocker disabled.

Q: There used to be a separate page in AAMS 1.0 (Standards 2007) for the Self Study submission. I don’t see a submission page anymore, how will I submit for my institution?

A: The submit button will appear on the main self-study page for your institution's School Administrator. Keep in mind the only validation for the Submit button is that all standards are marked complete. It is up to each institution to review and make sure they have taken all necessary steps for each standard (e.g. mark a compliance status, upload documents, input comments).

Q: I submitted my institution's self-study and downloaded the full report. However, when I click on our attached documents in the PDF, it's not working. What's going on?

A: The full self-study report will download as a zip file. You will need to extract the files to your C: drive in order to access full functionality of the report. Once the files are on your C: drive, you will be able to click on all links and documents in the PDF and have them open on your computer.

Q: Why won’t the system allow me to select a particular school for my peer group?

A: After you select a data source and year(s), the system will limit you to schools that had data for that selection. If you would like to include a certain school in your peer group, you will need to select a year in which they have data. If selecting multiple years, the selected peer must have data in all years selected in order to run the report.

Q: What is my log-in information to access my faculty profile?

A: The new AAMS no longer has log-in accounts for faculty profiles. If you were invited to complete a faculty profile, you would have received an invitation email from with an individual profile link, which you can use to access your faculty profile.