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"one that defends or maintains a cause or proposal" (Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

"the act or process of advocating" (Webster’ Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

Advocacy, simple definition, complex expectations especially for those asked to become or assume the role of advocate! AACP members should appreciate that advocacy:

  • benefits from direct experience and being engaged with the issue;
  • is extremely broad in its scope;
  • raises the expectation of contributing knowledge and evidence for why the cause or proposal is worth defending or maintaining;
  • is a two-way street--it allows for advocacy either in support or opposition to a cause or proposal; and
  • requires the development and maintenance of relationships with those that both support and oppose the cause or proposal.

Pharmacy education shares the same mission of all higher education: teaching, research and service. This mission provides a ready advocacy platform of sufficient breadth from which any AACP member should be able to identify a cause or proposal around which they can advocate.