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Webinar recordings and slides hosted in the past months may be viewed on AACP Connect. To access archived webinars prior to 2018 please contact Tom Maggio, Associate Director of Public Affairs. You must specify the title and date of the webinar recording you would like to access.

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AACP offers a variety of Continuing Education webinars. AACP Members can view past CE Webinars on AACP Connect, and then claim the corresponding CE credit by following the instructions provided. Non-members, for a fee, may view/claim credit for past webinars on Learning Express. Direct links for both members/non-members, as well as webinar-specific information and instructions, can be found on their respective event pages.

Please contact Tom Maggio, AACP's Public Affairs and Engagement Coordinator, with any questions related to CE Webinars.

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June 18, 2024
Regular Webinar
Re-envisioning Diverse Student Recruitment through Authenticity And A Commitment to Fostering Belonging

Hosted by the AACP

Join us for the final session of our webinar series on diverse student recruitment, where we'll explore advanced

June 17, 2024
Regular Webinar
Strategies for Helping Students Thrive in Experiential Learning Environments

Hosted by the Experiential Education Section

Supervising IPPE and/or APPE students can present challenges for preceptors, particularly when a student is experiencing

June 13, 2024
CE Webinar
CPE Activity Announcement

Thursday, June 13, 2024
Noon –1:00 p.m. ET

Universal Activity Number (UAN)


 Past Webinar Information

Members may view the webinar on AACP Connect.



June 12, 2024
Regular Webinar
We often find ourselves wearing multiple hats throughout the day, jumping from one responsibility to the next with little time to transition. At any given moment, it may be difficult to decide which hat to put on next and how long to wear
June 6, 2024
Regular Webinar
Past Webinar

Members may view the webinar on AACP Connect.


Hosted by the AACP Strategic Engagement Committee

This panel will discuss how students can be involved in advocacy efforts. Panel members will give examples where

June 5, 2024
Regular Webinar
Join us for part 2 of our webinar series featuring four new panelists representing a variety of pharmacy schools, each sharing their unique perspectives and experiences in launching and maintaining summer programs. The webinar will serve as
June 4, 2024
CE Webinar
ACPE requires that institutions develop an appropriate approach to academic remediation. This webinar will provide a brief summary of the AACP Student Affairs Standing Committee's work on academic remediation, followed by multiple micro
May 23, 2024
Regular Webinar
Join us for part two of a transformative webinar series, continuing the exploration of diverse student recruitment strategies through the lens of belonging.
May 21, 2024
CE Webinar
Drug overdose deaths continue to rise despite continued efforts to reduce the spread of this public health epidemic. Many experts are describing a “fourth wave” of drug overdoses currently happening with the co-ingestion of opioids with
May 17, 2024
Regular Webinar
During their experiential rotations (IPPEs and APPEs), pharmacy students may encounter situations that can be traumatic, such as a code, the death of a patient, or other critical events that they may not know how to handle. To help students