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Become a Global Member of AACP

To facilitate expanded collaboration between U.S. and international faculty, AACP is pleased to offer international pharmacy educators a complimentary membership for 2021–2022. Through many valuable professional development and networking opportunities, we hope this collaboration of pharmacy colleagues will help transform health professions education.

International members would enjoy the following benefits:

  • Information sharing avenues between U.S. faculty and international faculty related to:
    • Professional development programs or opportunities
    • Sharing educational ideas and strategies
  • Research opportunities between international and U.S. faculty
  • Faculty exchange programs between U.S. and international schools to foster an exchange of ideas and teaching methods
  • Resources and information related to curriculum development, student or fellowship exchanges
  • Global programming via AACP Webinars and meetings
  • Networking and relationship building between U.S. and global faculty

When you join AACP, you will have access to AACP Connect, our members-only online community where discussions and resource documents are shared. In addition, you will have the opportunity to join specialized member groups, attend AACP Webinars, download AACP publications, and have access to numerous professional development opportunities. AACP's full list of Individual Member Benefits details all of the opportunities available to members.

To begin your complimentary AACP international membership, simply complete the brief online application.

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