Council of Sections


The Council of Sections (COS) is composed of the administrative officers (chair-elect, chair, immediate past chair) of all Sections. The primary focus of the Council is to represent the collective interests of the academic disciplines within pharmacy education to the Association and its Board of Directors (BOD).

Steven C. Stoner (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Chair
Jennifer Danielson (University of Washington) Chair-elect
Schwanda K. Flowers (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences) Immediate Past Chair
Karen M. Nagel-Edwards (Midwestern University - Downers Grove) Secretary
Melinda D. Colón (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison

Mission Statement

The mission of the Council of Sections is to represent and advocate for the collective interests of the Sections of the Association. The Council provides leadership to the Sections through policy development and programming. The COS acts through its representatives on the Association's BOD and through efforts to facilitate Section activities that align with the mission and the strategic plan of AACP.

Specific objectives of the Council include:

  • Represent the collective interests of the Sections of the Association;
  • Advocate for the resolutions and policy proposals brought forward by the individual Sections to the BOD;
  • Coordinate programming for the individual Sections as well as collaborate with the Council of Faculties (COF) and Council of Deans (COD);
  • Coordinate task forces pertaining to the interests of multiple Sections; and
  • Coordinate, communicate and partner with the COF and the COD on selected projects or programs.

If you would like to join a Section, please go to your AACP member profile page. Members may join only up to two Sections.

List of Sections

Administrative Services

This Section cultivates a professional environment among its members to foster the development of excellence, innovation and leadership in all professional endeavors including administration, practice, scholarship and service within the organization, the larger academic community, and the healthcare professions.


Bernadette K. Brown (Butler University) Chair
Heather MW Petrelli (University of South Florida) Chair-elect
Jill A. Morgan (University of Maryland) Immediate Past Chair
Rebecca J. Ceraul (University of Maryland) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Biological Sciences

This Section provides a forum for the exchange of ideas pertinent to the effective teaching of biological science-based material in the professional curriculum of colleges of pharmacy and the promotion of effective biological sciences whose content is based primarily on biological facts and principles.


Daniel R. Kennedy (Western New England University) Chair
Lauren A. O 'Donnell (Duquesne University) Chair-elect
Timothy Bloom (Shenandoah University) Immediate Past Chair
Marilyn E. Thompson Odom (Belmont University) Secretary of Knowledge Management

This Section exists to represent pharmacy educators in the development and implementation of programs and policies which facilitate the provision of a sound chemical foundation in professional and graduate curricula.


Andrew Coop (University of Maryland) Chair
Susan L. Mercer (Lipscomb University) Chair-elect
Marc W. Harrold (Duquesne University) Immediate Past Chair
Ronny Priefer (Western New England University) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Continuing Professional Development

This Section’s objective is to provide a forum for professional dialogue and cooperative effort among its members and related groups for the exchange of information, ideas, and techniques in the field of Continuing Professional Development.


Glen E. Baumgart (The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy) Chair
Peter J. Hughes (Samford University McWhorter School of Pharmacy) Chair-elect
Trina J. von Waldner (The University of Georgia College of Pharmacy)  Immediate Past Chair
Rebecca Young (Roosevelt University) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Experiential Education

This Section promotes excellence in experiential education, develops, maintains and supports networking, fosters innovation, and disseminates best practices.


Patricia L. Darbishire (Purdue University) Chair
Maryann Z. Skrabal (Creighton University) Chair-elect
Wesley A. Nuffer (University of Colorado ) Immediate Past Chair
Angela Brownfield (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Library and Information Science

This Section supports librarians and information professionals who directly serve or are affiliated with colleges or schools of pharmacy. Topics of interest include: drug information, informatics, information literacy, information technology, scholarly communication and publishing, teaching technologies and methods, biomedical literature evaluation and etc.


Robert D. Beckett (Manchester University College of Pharmacy) Chair
Vern Duba (The University of Iowa) Chair-elect
Skye Bickett Immediate Past Chair
Jennifer R. Martin (Arizona Health Sciences Library) Secretary of Knowledge Management 

This Section enhances the delivery of pharmaceutical care by providing a forum for exchange of information and expertise that supports the discovery and promotes understanding of the unique body of knowledge known as pharmaceutics.


Charles S. Asbill (Campbell University) Chair
Melgardt M. de Villiers (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Chair-elect
Catherine A. White (The University of Georgia) Immediate Past Chair
Nicole R. Winston (Marshall University School of Pharmacy) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Pharmacy Practice

This Section represents faculty engaged in pharmacy practice and the clinical sciences, works to advance pharmacy practice education through research and dialogue in teaching methods and curriculum design and promotes the acquisition of new knowledge through independent or collaborative research on the pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, sociologic or therapeutic aspects of clinical drug use.


Paul Gubbins (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Chair
Lakesha M. Butler (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) Chair-elect
Michael W. Neville (Wingate University) Immediate Past Chair
Kristi W. Kelley (Auburn University) Secretary of Knowledge Management
Social and Administrative Sciences

This Section encourages, in the broadest and most liberal manner, the advancement of the teaching methods in the social and administrative sciences; the improvement of the qualification and usefulness of teachers of the social and administrative sciences through the development of high standards of professional ethics and education; and by its professional contacts, reports, discussions, papers, meetings and activities to maintain pharmaceutical education at a high level.


Ana C. Quinones-Boex (Midwestern University - Downers Grove) Chair
Pamela C. Heaton (University of Cincinnati) Chair-elect
John P. Bentley (The University of Mississippi) Immediate Past Chair
Lourdes G. Planas (The University of Oklahoma) Secretary of Knowledge Management