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2022–2023 ALFP Cohort 19 Calendar

(plan on travel the day before and travel out the evening of the last day of each session)
  • Session I: September 12–16 2022 Warrenton, VA
  • Session II: November 6–9 2022 Arlington, VA
  • Session III: February 17–21 2023 as part of Interim Meeting Orlando, FL
  • Session IV: July 21–26 2023 as part of the Annual Meeting Aurora, CO

More detailed information and FAQs are included below! If you have Questions please contact Sarah Shrader, Sr. Director of Academic Programs and Professional Development.

The Academic Leadership Fellows Program supports and contributes to the development of leaders in academic pharmacy and higher education. The program provides an opportunity for Fellows to expand relationships with peers and colleagues in other institutions, as well as within their own college and university. The ALFP curriculum is reviewed annually to ensure content is contemporary and appropriate to the programs leadership objectives.

Application Packet Instructions:
Completed applications must include the following three documents combined in a single PDF document:
  1. Nominee's letter of intent for completing the program, initialed by the Dean Mentor (limit 1000 words)
  2. Current curriculum vitae
  3. Letter of recommendation from the Dean Mentor (limit one page). The letter should address the three points provided below:
    1. How you would describe the nominee's competencies/talents and potential for leadership.
    2. Why you believe the nominee should be an Academic Leadership Fellow.
    3. Describe the mentoring plan you and the nominee have developed.

Applications for cohort 19 are closed.

The four-session, year-long program includes:
  • In-depth leadership development
  • Team building and networking
  • Exploration of issues critical to pharmacy and higher education
  • Self assessment of leadership style and strengths
  • Assigned readings and discussions from top-tier leadership books and the Harvard Business Review
  • Exposure to practical management and administrative issues and tips for success
  • Access to national and international leaders in pharmacy and higher education
  • Team project concerning current issues in academic pharmacy
  • Individualized plan for additional mentoring, development, and application of knowledge learned during the four sessions at home institution
  • All sessions are interactive and application based!
Session I: Leadership and Self: Discovery and Teamwork

The objective of this session is for Fellows to look within and focus on the self-discovery of leadership strengths and weaknesses; become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of others; understand leadership theory; and maximize personal strengths to develop effective teams. Fellows practice effective team building with the development of an inter-team project.

Session II: Leadership Potpourri: Constructing Skills, Historical Perspectives and Higher Education

The second session of the Fellows program involves further leadership skills building. The importance of the concept of Emotional Intelligence in leadership is introduced. Included is a visit to Mt. Vernon and the George Washington Presidential Library for presentations on leadership from a historical perspective. Session II also provides presentations and interaction with national and international leaders in higher education.

Session III: Creating Self and Current Topics in Leadership and Higher Education

Session III includes an emphasis on leadership integrity and enhancing leadership skills; dealing with challenging situations: the concept of well-being and balancing work and home life; understanding leadership at the accreditation level; and being conscious of diversity and inclusion as a leader. Session III is held in conjunction with INterim Meeting.

Session IV: Refining Self and Current Topics in Leadership

Session IV is the final session and provides the opportunity for the Fellows to exercise their learned experiences and is held on the first day of the AACP Annual Meeting. Fellows participate in a summary of the ALFP experience and discuss the future of pharmacy and higher education. The day ends with a graduation ceremony and dinner in honor of the Leadership Fellows. Fellows then participate in the AACP Annual Meeting.