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AACP Resource

Professional Affairs

Integration of Clinical Pharmacy Faculty in Professional Practice Care Settings

A reference to establish and re-establish partnerships that support mutual goals in education and practice as well as serve to advance careers and the practice of pharmacy. This guide may be particularly helpful for new administrators and faculty who may be changing or starting new practice sites. The guide is organized into sections based on key users. The guide includes sections on: Culture/Needs AssessmentPayment and Practice Plan Models, and Value Proposition.

Professionalism on Social Media

Social Media Resource Guide for Faculty, Students, Staff, and Administrators

Explore the benefits, risks, and ethics associated with social media use in pharmacy education. The guide addresses gaps in current social media policies, provides case examples and related resources, and culminates in a list of suggestions for institutions, individuals and AACP.

Student Affairs

Creating a Culture of Well-Being: A Resource Guide for Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy

Developed by the 2021–2022 Student Affairs Committee, the guide details a process by which schools can explore their specific needs related to well-being and then address these challenges through a continuous cycle of organizational change, with a focus on changes to policies and practices and a redesign of the work environment.

Strategic Engagement Committee

Advocacy Guide for Pharmacy Practice and Education 

Inspired by Guide for Pharmacy Advocacy, created by the 2022-2023 Council of Deans Community Engagement Task Force, the 2023-2024 Strategic Engagement Committee has developed a guide which offers examples of strategies, resources, and tools that can be used to facilitate advocacy planning advocacy champions and academy members.

Vaccine Confidence Campaign

AACP Event Planning Guide

Learn about AACP’s work on the CDC-funded vaccine confidence project. Access the event toolkit, timelines and additional resources.