Council of Faculties


The Council of Faculties is composed of all individuals active, affiliate, student, and emeritus members not eligible for or not holding membership in the Council of Deans. Among the interests of this Council are interdisciplinary matters of curriculum, course content, education methods, faculty/administration relations, and national issues of general interest to pharmacy faculties.

Adam M. Persky (University of North Carolina) Chair

Craig D. Cox (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center) Immediate Past Chair

Jennifer Trujillo (University of Colorado) Chair-elect

Jamie Wagner (The University of Mississippi) Secretary of Knowledge Management

Katherine Kelley (The Ohio State University) Representative at Large

Michelle T. Assa-Eley (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison

Mission Statement
We connect faculty to people and programs enabling them to innovate and thrive as educators, scholars, and leaders.

Current Standing Rules of Procedure