Individual Membership


AACP offers unique benefits, services and opportunities for individual members such as challenging and relevant educational programming, online member communities, publications and partnership initiatives that are designed with you in mind. We offer various membership types to provide opportunities to professionals at every stage of their development.

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Individual Membership Benefits

Opportunities for Involvement

  • AACP Connect AACP's online member community with hundreds of discussion posts, resource documents, and countless opportunities to connect with your peers. 
  • Council of Deans, Faculties and Sections
    Councils represent and support the administrators and faculty at AACP member colleges and schools of pharmacy.
  • Sections 
    Member groups based on academic disciplines that provide a forum for the exchange of ideas pertinent to each Section. 
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
    Member groups designed to help individuals stay informed and connected to colleagues with similar interests. 
  • AACP Committees
    Members provide input on the development of policies, programs and services for the Academy through AACP committees.


  • AACP Annual Meeting (Members receive a $150 discount on registration fees)
    The AACP Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of academic pharmacy administrators, faculty and staff, and each year offers educational programs that cut across all disciplines.
  • AACP Interim Meeting (Members receive a $100 discount on registration fees)
    The AACP Interim Meeting provides insightful speakers, dynamic microsessions and enlightening peer discussions to involve current and future leaders during four days of collaboration and hands-on learning. 
  • AACP Institutes
    The Institute experience is designed for teams to collaborate and benefit from hearing from experts on a variety of pharmacy education topics.

Publications and Online Resources

  • American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (AJPE)
    AJPE is the official scholarly publication of AACP. Its purpose is to document and advance pharmaceutical education in the United States and internationally.
  • Academic Pharmacy Now
    Academic Pharmacy Now is the Association's online news magazine which highlights current issues and events in academic pharmacy.
  • Roster of Faculty and Professional Staff
    This online directory provides the most current and comprehensive information relating to faculty and staff at colleges and schools of pharmacy across the country.
  • Profile of Pharmacy Faculty
    AACP’s institutional research system gathers, analyzes, and summarizes data related to the U.S. colleges and schools of pharmacy.
  • Profile of Pharmacy Students
    AACP’s institutional research system gathers, analyzes, and summarizes data related to the students at U.S. colleges and schools of pharmacy.
  • Institutional Profiles of Funded Research Grant Data
    This searchable directory provides aggregated grant data by fiscal year and institution for NIH, other federal, non-federal, and total grants.
  • Federal Grants Search Tool
    This search tool provides information on NIH and other federal grants in which pharmacy faculty are listed as the primary investigator.
  • AACP E-lert Newsletters
    The AACP E-lert is a newsletter e-mailed directly to members. It allows AACP to share information about the Association regarding the work that is taking place inside the organization on behalf of our colleges and schools of pharmacy.

Professional Development

Grant and Scholarship Programs

  • New Investigator Award
    The NIA award provides start-up funding for new pharmacy faculty’s research programs.


AACP Members are eligible to apply or nominate individuals for AACP Awards:


Individual Membership Categories

  • Active–voting membership is available to administrators, faculty, staff and librarians of regular and associate institutional members.
  • Affiliate membership is a non-voting membership available to administrators, faculty, staff and librarians of non-member institutions, employees of organizational members and corporate members, and others not otherwise eligible for membership in another category. Affiliate members are ineligible to hold elected offices or serve in the House of Delegates.
  • Student, resident or postdoctoral fellow membership is available to any professional or graduate degree student enrolled at a regular, associate or affiliate member institution, as well as residents and postdoctoral or clinical fellows. 
  • Emeritus membership is granted for life to any former active individual member who has retired from full-time employment and who has paid membership dues for at least five years prior to retirement.
Membership Type Membership Level One Year Fee Application Submission


Active or Affiliate $195

Online or Mail

Individual International Affiliate $195 Online
Student, Resident, Postdoctoral Fellow Affiliate $15 Online or Mail
Joint Active or Affiliate $295 Online or Mail
Lifetime Active or Affiliate $1,600 Paper Submission only
Emeritus Affiliate FREE Paper submission only
First-Time Faculty or First-Time Professional Staff
Letter from school required
Active FREE Paper submission only

Joint memberships are annual or multiple-year memberships for couples using the same mailing address. Each member is entitled to all rights and services applicable to their membership category (e.g. voting privileges).

First-time faculty may receive a complimentary membership provided by AACP for two years. In order to receive this complimentary membership, a letter on official school letterhead from the dean or department head must accompany the application form. Please see the first-time faculty membership page for additional information.

First-time professional staff may receive a complimentary membership provided by AACP for two years. Please see the first-time professional staff membership page for additional information.