Board of Directors



Anne Y. Lin (Notre Dame of Maryland University)  President

Stuart T. Haines (University of Mississippi) President-elect

Todd D. Sorensen (University of Minnesota) Immediate Past President

Bradley C. Cannon (Rosalind Franklin University) Speaker of the House of Delegates

David P. Zgarrick (Northeastern University) Treasurer


Bernadette (Bonnie) K. Brown (Butler University COPHS) Council of Sections Chair

Renae J. Chesnut (Drake University) Council of Deans Chair-elect

Craig D. Cox (Texas Tech University) Council of Faculties Immediate Past Chair

Pamela C. Heaton (University of Cincinnati) Council of Sections Chair-elect

David A. Holdford (Virginia Commonwealth University) Council of Sections Immediate Past Chair

Wanda T. Maldonado (University of Puerto Rico) Council of Deans Chair

Russell B. Melchert (University of Missouri - Kansas City) Council of Deans Immediate Past Chair

Adam M. Persky (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Council of Faculties Chair

Jennifer M. Trujillo (University of Colorado) Council of Faculties Chair-elect

Lucinda L. Maine (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Executive Vice President