Research & Graduate Affairs

AACP provides programs, resources and funding to support research projects and career development efforts for individual investigators. Additionally, AACP aggregates information and provides resources to assist institutions maintain research programs dedicated to excellence.

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  • New Investigator Award: a research grant for early-career faculty who have not yet received independent research funding.
  • Research Funding Opportunities: a resource of agencies and organizations that fund research grants in areas relevant to colleges and schools of pharmacy. Specific Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) that align well with pharmacy research are also featured.
  • AACP Catalyst (Program Suspended): a professional development program for mid-career faculty to accelerate their development into research leaders.

AACP maintains an extensive, searchable inventory of extramural research funding awarded to faculty, staff and trainees at colleges and schools of pharmacy. This data can be used by AACP members to recognize trends in research funding in pharmaceutical sciences and gauge extramural support for different programs of research. From the data in this inventory, AACP compiles Funded Research Grant Institutional Rankings and Student Research Grant Data reports for its members. To explore AACP’s extramural research funding data resources, select the appropriate tile.