Pharmacy Education 2020 Call for Micro-Sessions

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General Information

Packing information and insight into 10-minute segments, micro-sessions are an innovative way for meeting attendees to engage on different strategies and tactics that address important issues. This shorter format provides an opportunity for participants to hear multiple approaches and success stories. Each micro-session will have a minimum of four 7 to 10-minute quick presentations or “TED” type talks and cover specific and key take-away objectives based on an overall theme.  The final 5 to 10 minutes of the micro-session will be devoted to Q&A involving all speakers.

Individual Member Micro-Session Submission

AACP members are invited to submit a micro-session on one of the following themes:

  1. Approaches to interprofessional education (IPE): speakers will discuss developing, implementing, and assessing interprofessional education and practice.
  2. Assessment strategies: speakers will discuss assessment of various educational strategies, inside the classroom or on experiential rotations.
  3. Innovative pedagogy in the classroom, laboratory, recitation and experiential sites: speakers will describe successes and challenges when implementing innovative teaching strategies.
  4. Student remediation: speakers will discuss the importance of clear written and verbal communication strategies with students and appropriate methods of remediation.

A total of four one-hour micro-sessions will be planned for individual member submissions. Each proposal will be evaluated by three program reviewers using the following standards:

  1. The micro-session program description / topic
  2. The learning objective (1) fits the content
  3. The proposed learning objective is measurable
  4. The proposed topic is relevant to pharmacy education and/or the goals of AACP and its members
  5. The proposed topic is innovative

Section/SIG Micro-Session Submission Information

SIGs and Sections may choose to use the Micro-Session format in lieu of the Special Session format for their 2020 Annual Meeting programming. PLEASE NOTE: SIGs/Sections Program Committees should determine a theme or topic of focus for their micro-sessions that is specific to the needs of their members. Please refer to AACP Connect for detailed information on micro-session format option for SIG/Section programming.

Each Section/SIG micro-session proposal will be evaluated by three program reviewers using the following six standards:

  1. The overall micro-session program description / topic / theme; clearly matches the titles and descriptions of the included micro-sessions
  2. The program includes micro-sessions that are clearly independent of one another, but in which each micro-session supports the overall topic / theme for the session
  3. The overall learning objective (1) fits the content. Each learning objective for each micro-session matches the content
  4. The proposed learning objectives are measurable
  5. The proposed topic is relevant to pharmacy education and/or the goals of AACP and its members
  6. The proposed topic is innovative

Submission Guidelines

  • All program submitters must be AACP members. Information on joining or renewing your membership can be found on the AACP website. 
  • AACP does not assume responsibility for costs associated with bringing speakers to the meeting and all speakers must be registered attendees at the 2020 Annual Meeting. No financial compensation is provided to mini, special and micro-session speakers for their participation in the annual meeting.
  • Standard audiovisual equipment (LCD projector, screen and podium with microphone and one wireless handheld) will be provided at no charge; laptops are not included in presentations – please bring your laptop.
  • Special requests for other audiovisual equipment will be reviewed for feasibility and cost.
  • Sessions must avoid highlighting commercial products. Programming that includes reference to commercially available products or services must include fair balance for other resources in the same category.
  • Proposals should be complete and as descriptive as possible in order to be fairly reviewed. Please review the criteria for your program submission type.  
  • You will be able to make changes to your proposal online, via the programming submission system until the site closes at 11:59 p.m. (PST) on Thursday, October 31, 2019.
  • Finally, to ensure your submission has been received, please remember to select the Accept and Continue button on each Web page or your submission will not go through. An email to confirm your submission will be sent to you immediately. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder

How to Create a Micro-session (instructions for member submissions)

SIG/Section chairs and chairs-elect should refer to AACP Connect for detailed information on submitting a micro-session.

Please go to the program submission site to enter a micro-session. (The username and password for the programming submission site is the same as your AACP username and password.)   

Adding a program

  • Select Submit or Edit a Proposal under the Submitter Menu
  • Click on Submit a Micro-Session to add a program
  • Complete the following fields on the first screen:
  1. Session Title (word limit: 15. Do not type in all capital letters. Use initial caps only)
  2. Program Description (a brief description of your presentation)
  3. Learning Objective (provide no more than ONE objective)
  4. Micro-Session Theme (select the theme for your presentation)
  5. Outcome (provide a description of the key “take away” for attendees
  6. Confirmation of attendance (submitters are required to confirm their ability to attend the annual meeting, if their micro-session proposal is accepted.)
  7. To advance to the next screen you must click the Accept and Continue button on each Web page
  • The second screen will ask for participant speakers (limited to 2 presenters)
  1. Type in the last name of the presenter and click on Search by Last Name
    • If they are AACP members, their name and contact information will appear under the “List of Potential Participants”
    • If they are not a member of AACP, complete step 1 and then click on Add Unlisted Participant (on the bottom left on the screen in green) to enter their name and contact information
    • If you are a presenter in addition to the session organizer, you must add yourself
  • To advance to the next screen you must select Accept and Continue 
  • The third screen is a summary of your session
  • Finally, to ensure your program has been submitted, please remember to select the Accept and Continue button on each Web page, including the summary page or your submission will not go through. An email to confirm your submission will be sent to you immediately.

You will have access to the “Submitter Menu” page to input sessions.  The deadline for submitting your programs is Thursday, October 31 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Contact: For questions or further information, please contact Dorothy Novilus at

If you have forgotten your password, please contact LaToya Casteel, Member Services Coordinator at or 703.739.2330 ext. 1004.

Looking for tips on writing an effective proposal? Check out our Annual Meeting Program Submission guidance document developed by the AACP Programming Task Force.