Why is Strategic Engagement Important?

AACP Article

The mission of AACP Strategic Engagement is to facilitate an enhanced recognition, understanding and utilization of the education, practice and research activities at pharmacy schools, among public policy makers, funding agencies and the public.

AACP has engaged with many external coalitions, workgroups and committees which involve education, practice and research for more than a decade.  By participating in such collaborations, AACP and its members have had the opportunity to influence many important issues pertaining to higher education and the health professions, while simultaneously increasing awareness of the relevance and contributions of academic pharmacy AACP’s perspective within these coalitions provides an outlet where academic pharmacy can be heard—something that would be difficult to achieve if AACP worked alone. 

AACP Strategic Engagement Goals:

  • Provide information and guidance on relevant public policy, education, practice and research-related issues to pharmacy schools;
  • Request and obtain input from pharmacy schools on the impact of past, current and pending public policy initiatives and education, practice and research-related issues;
  • Collaborate with pharmacy schools to enable timely and informed responses on public policy and research-related issues that impact pharmacy education, practice and research; and
  • Initiate new, and strengthen relevant federal, regional, state and local partnerships that value the teaching, service and research role of faculty, staff and students at pharmacy institutions.