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Volunteer Opportunities

The Council Of Faculties is seeking motivated and committed volunteers to serve on COF Committees for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Service will begin during the COF Business Meeting at the AACP Annual Meeting (July 2023) and conclude when the charges have been completed.  Attendance at the AACP Annual Meeting is not required, merely encouraged.  Please complete the Call for Volunteers online form by June 15, 2023.

Faculty Affairs Standing Committee

COF and COD would like to work together to address burnout and building a culture of support. With the impact of the pandemic and the subsequent great resignation, faculty and staff have been left with lingering effects on workload, wellbeing, morale, and job satisfaction. We know that burnout is real and present, yet AACP has produced ample programming and materials on wellbeing in support of individuals. Offering yet another mindfulness exercise or adding more time for self-care into our already busy schedules puts the burden of addressing what is a larger workplace issue upon individuals. We have an imperative to examine systems level issues that influence culture, psychological safety, and working conditions in pharmacy education. Addressing such issues will involve a systemic approach. Reconceptualizing how to create community will be important. This task force will explore systemic influential factors contributing to faculty wellbeing and professional satisfaction as well as make recommendations for creating community that foster belonging and connection to meaningful work. We envision their work producing valuable resources for best practices and programming that emphasizes strategies known to improve engagement and provide a culture of support. 

Teachers Seminar Committee
  • Identify the topic/skills to be taught and develop the learning objectives and instructional methods for the annual Teacher's Seminar to be held as a pre-meeting program prior to the 2024 AACP Annual Meeting, including recommendations for ways to offer touchpoints throughout the year in addition to the in-person day associated with the Annual Meeting. Offer educational programming that models state of the art, innovative, contemporary teaching and learning methods.
    • Consider programming on best practices for teaching and developing critical thinking skills as it applies to foundational sciences and clinical reasoning in pharmacotherapeutics and clinical practice experiences.
  • Assist AACP staff to identify speakers and provide feedback to the program faculty during the development of the program materials. 
  • Conduct a post-program evaluation and provide recommendations for future programs.
Rules and Resolutions Committee
  • Review standing rules and procedures and suggest any modifications that are deemed necessary. Review resolutions submitted by individual(s) or committees/task forces within the Council of Faculties. Committee is also encouraged to review recent resolutions that have been addressed by AACP and determine need to submit new resolution(s) for July 2024 AACP Annual Meeting to address issues directly impacting COF.
  • Finish drafting a written process for generating new proposals for rules and resolutions. 
Emerging Teaching Scholars Award Committee

Review award applications and recommend to the COF Administrative Board up to 5 individuals who are worthy of the Emerging Teaching Scholar Award. Identify speakers/panel members for webinars/coffee chats to provide interested COF members with guidance on preparing quality applications. Update/revise the Emerging Teaching Scholar Award scoring rubric to allow for better differentiation between candidates (if necessary). Develop marketing/communications campaign to increase the number of applicants (if necessary). 

Quorum Committee

Take roll and determine if a quorum has been met during the COF Annual Business Meeting.
NOTE: Volunteers on this committee are required to attend the 2024 AACP Annual Meeting in-person.

Nominating Committee

Solicit and develop a well-qualified slate with at least 2 candidates for the COF election to be held Nov 2024 for each the following COF offices: Chair-elect and Member-at-large. Identify and nominate qualified candidates for the following AACP Offices: President-elect, Treasurer, and Speaker of the House.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Committee
  • Continue to operate and evaluate Dear Ernie program to support SOTL across the academy. The committee will work to standardize responses to questions posed to maintain quality of information provided to membership. 
  • Twice a year update resource library for SOTL and identify best place for hyperlink(s) to the library to make it easier for members to find.
  • Review grant proposals and recommend finalists to the COF Administrative Board for awarding funding. Update/revise the scoring rubric (if necessary). Develop marketing/communications campaign to increase the number of applicants (if necessary).

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants (SOTL) sponsored by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), provide research funding for active members of AACP who are engaging or would like to engage in educational research. The call for proposals will go out in the Fall 2023. We may seek additional volunteers to review the proposals in January to February 2024.  

Department Chairs Connect Community Leadership Grouo

1)    Accreditation standards have mandated additional responsibilities for assessment; curriculum and co-curricular management; and student support and professional development. Consequently, additional responsibilities have been placed on faculty in recent years. Often these activities, which are outside of traditional teaching and research expectations, can be considered “non-promotable” in traditional promotion and tenure guidelines. Department chairs need to be able to mentor and coach faculty with such responsibilities for success. This community leadership group is responsible for developing a networking session with meaningful dialogue in addition to a presentation at the AACP Interim Meeting on effective mentoring of non-traditional faculty tracks (ie., admin-heavy roles such as assessment, experiential education, student affairs or other leadership).

2)    Organize and offer periodic webinars or Connect coffee chats on the following topics:

  • Supporting and mentoring junior faculty for success, belonging, and retention (ie. collaborate with Junior Faculty Connect Community and Minority Faculty SIG)
  • Identifying and reducing gender bias and toxic culture
  • Practices for showing appreciation to improve relationships and engagement

Members of the community leadership group can either plan and execute the presentations and chats or identify appropriate speakers.  

Junior Faculty Connect Community Leadership Group

The community leadership group is responsible for submitting a minimum of one formal proposal for a platform presentation at the AACP Annual Meeting in July 2024. Community leadership will also coordinate development of a minimum of two webinars and/or Coffee Chats (Fall 2023/Spring 2024) and monthly postings to AACP Connect to stimulate group discussion. One of the programs should address:
•    Supporting and mentoring junior faculty for success, belonging, and retention (ie. collaborate with Department Chair Connect Community and Minority Faculty SIG)

Members of the community leadership group are not expected to provide all of these programs, rather they are responsible for coordinating their development and implementation.

Curriculum Committee Chair Learning Community

1)    Continue to support activities and programming on curricular hoarding and how to address it. This may include Coffee Chats/webinars and/or submitting a proposal for the AACP Annual Meeting 2024. 
2)    In collaboration with leaders in the Biology, Pharmaceutics, Chemistry, and Pharmacy Practice Sections and the curriculum SIG, explore and curate available resources for identifying critical and essential curricular content for foundational sciences needed for all PharmD graduates, much like the ACCP Toolkit upon which many schools base their therapeutics course content.
•    Consider collaborating/coordinating efforts with SAS Section as well.
3)    Plan and offer a Coffee Chat/webinar about how to identify where critical thinking development occurs the curriculum and best practices for teaching and developing it in students. Coordinate efforts with the Teacher Seminar Committee, if relevant.

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