Healthy People 2020

AACP Research

Healthy People provides science-based, 10-year national objectives for improving the health of all Americans. For three decades, Healthy People has established benchmarks and monitored progress over time in order to:

  • Encourage collaborations across communities and sectors.
  • Empower individuals toward making informed health decisions.
  • Measure the impact of prevention activities.

In 2011, AACP, encouraged by the members of the Healthy People Curriculum Task Force, proceeded with the development of a new objective that tracks the progress of integrating core public health concepts into the professional curriculum of accredited, U.S. Doctor of Pharmacy degree granting colleges and schools of pharmacy. The newly established objective ECBP-17 and the data collection questions associated with it parallel existing objectives ECBP-12 through ECBP-16 and their data resources that track the progress of integrating core public health concepts into allopathic and osteopathic medicine, undergraduate nursing, nurse practitioner and physician assistant curricula. This new objective is intended to expand the health professions universe of these objectives by including Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) granting colleges and schools of pharmacy.

Baseline data for Objective ECBP-17 were collected from AACP member institutions in the 2012 Survey of Professional and Graduate Degree Programs. Data from 2013 onward were collected through the PharmCAS school pages. Data from 2012 through present are presented in the link below.

Healthy People 2020 Longitudinal Table