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AACP is pleased to announce its partnership with Kira Talent to provide colleges and schools of pharmacy with access to a holistic admissions solution designed to support a more efficient, effective, and fair admissions process. Schools can opt to leverage the Kira platform to better engage with applicants and gain an authentic view of their non-cognitive skills and competencies, as well as verbal and written communication skills. Explore Kira’s recruitment, reviewing, and admissions tools, including:

  • Asynchronous Assessments: Evaluate an applicant’s verbal and written communication skills with unrehearsed and unscripted timed video responses and timed written responses to your school’s customized questions.
  • Live Interviewing: Conduct one-on-one, panel, or MMI interviews online with a robust platform that automatically places participants in the right interview rooms at the right times.
  • Built-In Scoring: Schools can utilize custom rubrics and flexible review to gain independent feedback from their reviewers.
  • Fully Branded Experience: Enhance your marketing and recruitment efforts with branded welcome pages and pre-recorded videos that help applicants see what makes your program, school, and campus culture unique.

Liaison International has also entered into a partnership with Kira Talent to incorporate Kira’s Asynchronous Assessments directly into PharmCAS and other CAS applications. Once the assessments are completed, schools can access applicant responses directly in WebAdMIT. Non-PharmCAS schools are also invited to use Kira Talent. Kira’s pricing varies based on the level of utilization, and flexible payment options are available.

This partnership aligns with the AACP Strategic Plan to support holistic review in admissions and increase the diversity of the pharmacy applicant pool.

About Kira Talent

Kira is the world’s only holistic admissions solution designed for higher education. Talk to Kira’s Partnerships team to learn more at