Student Success Institute: Advancing a Culture Where Everyone Can Thrive

October 02, 2024
October 04, 2024


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The Student Success Institute: Advancing a Culture Where Everyone Can Thrive, will discuss solutions towards fostering and advancing a culture that promotes student success. Student success is a collective effort of faculty, staff, administrators, as well as students to help create a culture that promotes and supports everyone in this rapidly changing landscape of pharmacy education and practice. 

The virtual Student Success Institute will be held October 2-4, 2024, will help members gain knowledge and tools needed to advance strategies for cultivating a supportive learning environment that promotes student success. Institutional teams will collaborate with other faculty, students, and staff across the Academy to discuss solutions and implementation strategies to foster a culture where everyone can thrive.

Registration opens end of July.

Institute Objectives

  1. Identify and analyze examples within our communities that promote an environment of belonging for students to thrive.
  2. Formulate a pathway/process for fostering student success at institutions by integrating evidence-based practices and models.
  3. Evaluate assessment strategies and continuous improvement processes that prioritize student and institutional success outcomes. 
  4. Implement wellness and self-care practices among students, faculty, and staff to promote holistic wellbeing. 
  5. Develop effective communication strategies for disseminating information on crisis management, creating a safe environment for all. 

Highlights Include:

  • A panel of students and learners sharing firsthand experiences and insights into their success and well-being.
  • A concurrent session on exploring proactive approaches to identify potential crises and support students during challenging times and discussing practical approaches to creating a supportive learning environment to foster a sense of belonging.
  • Pharmacists and external stakeholders share strategies, theories, and models to define and measure student success. 

Who Should Attend?

AACP encourages any faculty member, students, administrator, or staff person to attend. This institute would be particularly impactful for faculty and staff involved in curriculum and assessment committees, assistant/associate deans of student affairs, and CEO Deans. There is a special student rate, and we encourage teams to include the perspectives of students! 

Registration Information

Prior to registering, team composition should be determined, and schools/colleges can register all team members at the same time. The team maximum is 10 individuals per team. One person from the team or school can register the entire team via the online registration page. If individuals need to register and pay separately, the AACP staff will make sure that they are added to their school’s team. If a school is unable to send a full team, individuals may still register for the institute using the online form.

If you have any registration questions, please contact AACP for assistance.