Professional Development




October 12, 2023
A Virtual Training Session for Practice-based Implementation and Programmatic Assessment

Pharmacy faculty, graduate students or administrators engaged in or interested in pharmacy research, programmatic assessment or implementation

March 1, 2024

Applications will be open late February-early March 2024.

In-Person events Sept, November 2024 and February, July 2025.

April 3, 2024 -

More information coming soon!

June 5, 2024 -
The 20th AACP NMA Conference: Overcoming The Challenges: Self-care Education in Today’s World, is a chance for faculty at all stages of their careers to network with pharmacy colleagues teaching self-care and nonprescription medications, to
August 1, 2024

Applications will be open March-May 2024.
Hybrid program begins August 2024 thru July 2025.