Fall 2019 Institute Agenda Overview


Monday October 21, 2019

Welcome & Institute Overview
John Ressler

Session I: Intro to Leadership Initiative
Evan Robinson
Within this session we will discuss why leadership development is important at this time within pharmacy education and practice as well as higher education.  This session will provide a framework for the remainder of the Institute.

Session II: Orienting to Leadership Development Terms, Types, and Philosophies – What Works?
Andy Traynor
We will begin our journey by addressing foundational terminology and different leadership types and philosophies.  To inform action plans for developing or enhancing leadership development programming that will be valuable, schools will identify the leadership type(s) and philosophy that best align with their mission and vision. 

Session III: Utilizing Leadership Self-Awareness Tools with Intention in Leadership Development
Andy Traynor
A plethora of assessments can give insight into the talents and traits of individuals and teams in our organizations.  This session will provide an overview of some popular tools and guide teams to consider which are a best fit for their programs and how to utilize them intentionally.

Team Time 1 

Session IV: Building Dynamic Teams
Kerry Fierke
Incorporating successful team principles within our colleges and universities can create a streamlined process, a safe place to share ideas, and an environment that embraces all member contributions.  Identify the concepts and tools that work best for your unique organizational culture and build dynamic teams that thrive!  

Session V: Conflict Management
Anthony Wutoh 

Team Time 2

Team Sharing and Debrief
All Speakers

5:30 p.m.–6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Session VI: Embracing Change as Leaders 
Kerry Fierke / Evan Robinson
Not only is it important to navigate and ultimately embrace the changes we encounter, as leaders it is our responsibility to help prepare others for the change leadership paradigm.  Incorporate key elements to gather support for initiatives as well as incorporate change as a constant in today’s higher education environment. 

Team Time 3

Session VII: Identifying and Developing Future Leaders
Evan Robinson
Within this session we will discuss mentoring and coaching, effective  delegation, and succession planning for the purposes of providing structure and opportunity to future leaders via the various opportunities present within a school, college or university.  

Session VIII: Planning Strategically for Leadership Development 
Trina von Waldner
Leadership development for faculty must be intentional, multi-faceted and strategic. This session will describe ways to build or enhance leadership skills through existing faculty development opportunities, including mentor/mentee relationships, membership/leadership in pharmacy organizations, university/community engagement, and internal/external leadership.

Team Time 4

Team Sharing and Debrief
All Speakers

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Session IX: Adapting Your Leadership Development Plan to Students 
Trina von Waldner
Developing students as leaders should be a natural extension of leadership development for faculty. This session will identify ways to develop students as leaders by promoting faculty as student mentors, preparing students for organizational leadership, engaging at the school/college level and beyond, and facilitating opportunities for outreach to internal and external partners.

Team Time 5

Next Steps: Taking It All Back Home
Team Sharing and Debrief

Lunch and safe travels home!