INsight 2020 Microsessions


Sharing Successful Strategies and Engaging Audiences

Packing information and insight into 10-minute segments, microsessions are an innovative way for meeting attendees to engage on different strategies and tactics that address important issues.

This shorter format provides an opportunity for participants to hear multiple approaches and success stories. Presenters will provide a brief, 5-7 minute overview of their programs related to a specific topic, followed by a 3 minute Q&A.  Presenters may use PowerPoint – but no more than 5 slides, emphasizing visuals rather than text. Meeting attendees can choose to hear all the presentations on a particular topic or visit a different room to participate in discussions about the other topics.

We are seeking proposals for microsessions for the INsight 2020 meeting in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.  The topics for the meeting are:

  • Advancing interprofessional practice with physicians and other health care professions:  Speakers will describe innovative strategies used in establishing interprofessional practice teams and successful outcomes from those teams.
  • Learning experiences to promote professional identity formation in student pharmacists: In its 2014 report the AACP Council of Deans (COD) Taskforce on Professional Identity Formation (PIF) defined this construct as “…the transformative process of identifying and internalizing the ways of being and relating within a professional role”.  Speakers will address best practices and tools to promote strong PIF among student pharmacists via learning experiences in the curriculum, co-curriculum, or extra-curriculum.
  • Academic-practice partnerships designed to accelerate the transformation of a workforce prepared to assume responsibility for society’s medication use needs in 2030:  Speakers will highlight methods of forming academic-practice partnerships and the work being done through these partnerships.  

Proposals should be submitted in the form of a 250 word abstract.  Abstracts should include title, objective, methods, results, discussion and conclusion.  

Applications are no longer being accepted for microsessions.  Authors will be notified in early December.