Harnessing Pharmacists to Deliver Patient-Centric Clinical Care

September 09, 2021
12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m. EST

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Hosted by Aspen RxHealth

Pharmacist, founder, and CEO, David Medvedeff of Aspen RxHealth invites you to join us for a one-hour webinar to learn about their modern approach to entrepreneurship within pharmacy practice, which is bringing the largest community of more than 8,000 pharmacists across the nation emotional and professional fulfillment as they deliver quality patient-centric care while building their own practice on their own terms.

Learn more about how this first-of-its kind model separates dispensing from clinical services and allows pharmacists to focus 100% of their expertise and effort on patient-centric services. Aspen RxHealth is not a pharmacy, but a clinical pharmacy services provider powered by modern technology to enable pharmacists to deliver clinical care just as any other provider.


  1. Learn how pharmacists are building their own practices within a gig economy model, and the types of services available within the Aspen RxHealth community;
  2. Understand how the mobile-based technology is forever changing the way pharmacists deliver meaningful patient-centric care;
  3. Discover the types of clinical services being offered today, and being developed to meet the needs of tomorrow, as areas such as specialty pharmacy services continue to expand;
  4. Discuss how graduating pharmacy students should consider this unique opportunity to practice at the top of their license.


David Medvedeff
Chief Executive Officer
Aspen RxHealth