Private Loans - What You Should Know and When They're the Right Choice for Your Students

August 24, 2021
2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. ET
Students in white coats.

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The low interest rate environment and competition between lenders are great for students and their families. Both federal and private loan interest rates are competitive, making it more valuable than ever for students and families to take an in-depth look before choosing which loans are best for them. In this webinar session, College Ave Student Loans will compare Federal PLUS Loans and private loans, as well as discuss the behaviors that impact credit, approvals, and ultimately interest rates. We will also discuss the cosigner role and provide financial literacy tools to assist you in counseling your students and families.


  1. How to help families compare Federal PLUS loans and private student loans.
  2. Understanding the competitive student loan landscape and the importance for families to shop around to find what is best for them.
  3. How federal and private student loans affect credit, as well as how credit can affect the approval of loans and interest rates your students will receive.


Kat Delgrosso
Head of Campus Development
Mid-Atlantic, College Ave Student Loans