Fall Institute Agenda

Group Discussion

AACP 2017 Fall Institute on Strengthening Educational Scholarship Presentation Titles and Highlights

Session I: Welcome to the commons:  Introduction to educational scholarship

The history of scholarship in pharmacy education; what are our opportunities; exploring excellence in teaching and learning; the models for building capacity.

Session II: Establishing priorities and framing questions

Discovering the breadth of scholarship; understanding types of scholarship; where do we fit in scholarly activities; determining topics for focus; models of educational research; creating a sense of community; what questions should be asked.

Session III: Designing strong scholarly initiatives

A deeper review of educational research models; selecting a research design; promoting validity and reliability; approaches to data collection.

Session IV: Robust data and analysis

Continuation of Session III on data collection and research design; selecting data analysis methods and interpreting findings; placing results into context.

Session V: Avenues for strategic dissemination

Ideas for strategically sharing scholarly activities.

Session VI: Scholarship as a change effort

What is the potential for scholarship to effect change in curricula; implementing evidence-based decisions for curricular change.

Session VII: Building your organizations capacity for educational research

Incorporating scholarship in curricula, careers, institution support structures and throughout educational systems.