2023 Call for Candidates for AACP Appointee to ACPE

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The AACP Board of Directors is seeking candidates for service on the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) Board of Directors. ACPE is the national accrediting body for professional degree programs in pharmacy as well as for providers of continuing pharmaceutical education. In addition, ACPE certifies international education programs and is engaged as a partner with the American Society of Health-systems Pharmacists in technician education accreditation. The Council’s board membership consists of ten persons: three appointed from the American Pharmacists Association, three from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, one from the American Council on Education, and three from AACP.

The term of appointment for the person selected will be three years, beginning on July 1, 2024 and concluding on June 30, 2027. The appointee is expected to attend the ACPE Board meetings in Chicago on January 24-26,2024 and June 12-14, 2024.  The appointee will participate in a comprehensive ACPE virtual orientation program for new board members prior to the January Board meeting. The candidate now being sought by AACP will succeed Reza Karimi (Pacific-OR) whose term expires in June 2024. Other ACPE appointees from AACP are Sharon Youmans (University of California-San Francisco) and Cindy Stowe (University of Arkansas) whose terms expire in 2026 and 2025, respectively.


AACP selects its appointees to the ACPE Board of Directors from active individual members of the Association who are employed full-time in pharmacy education because the AACP feels that full-time involvement in and commitment to pharmacy education is essential for a complete awareness of issues related to pharmaceutical education. Candidates will not be considered unless they have met all the following required criteria: 

  i) have significant administrative experience in a school or college of pharmacy; 
  ii) have earned a doctorate degree; 
  iii) have a minimum 10 years experience as a member of the faculty or administration of an ACPE accredited college or school of pharmacy; 
  iv) are a current active individual member of AACP; 
  v) are currently employed full time in a college or school of pharmacy; and 
  vi) are not a member of the AACP Board of Directors and cannot be elected to the AACP Board during the term as a member of the ACPE Board of Directors. 

Further, candidates should consider their ability to commit to a three-year term and their respective personal and professional obligations at the time of application and those that may be anticipated in the future. Given the composition of the current ACPE Board, AACP encourages candidates from underrepresented populations to apply.


AACP members interested in serving in this capacity are invited to submit their credentials for consideration no later than 11:59 pm ET on September 22nd, 2023. Only self-nominations are accepted. Appointment to the Council is an important professional recognition that carries a serious and substantial voluntary service commitment (see Addendum). 

The Board requests that each candidate submit their credentials as a single PDF document in the following order:

  • A cover letter that concisely states the candidate’s willingness to serve and why s/he wishes to serve. In addition, the letter should contain a descriptive narrative highlighting relevant scholarship, professional, and academic experience in support of those unique contributions the candidate would make to maintain academic quality in service on the ACPE Board of Directors; 
  • A brief bio (no more than 1 page); and
  • A complete curriculum vitae.

ACPE is especially interested in candidates with the following experience and expertise:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) expertise; 
  • Responsibility for the experiential education component of the pharmacy curriculum, and/or
  • Assessment, with a pharmaceutical sciences background, or
  • Department chair in pharmacy administration/social and behavioral sciences or pharmaceutical sciences

Candidates should submit a SINGLE PDF of the requested credentials to Christopher DeSimone, AACP Chief of Staff, at cjdesimone@aacp.org, with a subject line of “Submission for Appointment to ACPE Board”. Complete candidates’ credentials document must be received at AACP no later than 11:59 pm ET September 22nd, 2023. The deadline is firm and will not be extended. Late materials will not be accepted. 

Selection of the appointee will occur during the November 2023 meeting of the AACP Board of Directors, and will be made based on eligibility, credentials, experience, candidates’ potential for contributions to be made, and consideration of balance in background and experience of AACP appointees to the ACPE Board of Directors. 

ADDENDUM: ACPE Appointment Service Commitment 

  • The term of office is 3 years;
  • Directors may serve up to 3 consecutive terms, disregarding any partial terms;
  • No appointee may be an officer or director with any national or international organization affiliated with the profession of pharmacy; 
  • Current appointees are eligible to be reappointed for a 3-year term.

List of ACPE Board responsibilities:

  • Determine organization's mission and purpose 
  • Ensure effective organizational planning 
  • Ensure adequate resources and their management 
  • Determine and monitor the organization's programs 
  • Select, support and evaluate the executive director 
  • Promote the organization's public image 
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and accountability 
  • Participate in the accreditation activities, take actions and make recommendations 
  • Participate in the periodic review of standards 
  • Attend Board meetings and other special meetings 
  • Have a respectful attitude for colleagues and their views 


Under a new USDE requirement, prior to taking office as a member of the ACPE Board of Directors, each appointee shall execute an attestation confirming that he or she meets all of the requirements and restrictions under the ACPE bylaws necessary to be eligible to serve on the ACPE Board.

Estimated TIME REQUIREMENTS for appointees:

Board meetings:  Minimum of two Board meetings per year (usually Tuesday evening to Friday late afternoon; approximately 3 to 4 days of extensive preparatory reading).  Additional meetings are called as needed and are generally virtual in nature. 
Commission meetings:  Attend one meeting each of the Continuing Pharmacy Education Commission and the International Commission during their orientation period.
College/school site visits: After the orientation period noted below, approximately one college/school site visit (full or focused) per semester on average for Board members (2 to 3 days on site with approximately 1 to 2 days preparation and follow up activities).

Meeting with the appointing organization leadership: Meetings (1 to 2 hours) of appointees with the elected leadership of the appointing organization, along with ACPE staff.  Meetings are either at the annual meeting of the organization, a board meeting or at another meeting of the sponsoring organization’s leadership.

Special ACPE conferences: ACPE updates and booth sessions at professional organization meetings. Attendance is based on Board member availability and interest (i.e., not mandatory)

If elected as an officer or Board Liaison to a commission, the following additional meetings are required:

  • Executive Committee meeting – if elected as President, Vice President, or Secretary/Treasurer, attend a two-day planning meeting in December (generally virtual).
  • Commission meetings – if elected as a board liaison, attend two meetings, (2 days each) of either the Continuing Pharmacy Education Commission, the International Commission or the Pharmacy Technician Accreditation Commission in Chicago, IL or Bethesda, MD.

ORIENTATION PROGRAM for new appointees:

  • January 24-26, 2024 Board meeting in Chicago, IL. - Thorough orientation to ACPE and responsibilities and observe the proceedings (light reading beforehand). 
  • Sometime between January to November 2024- if not previously trained, attend a two-day college/school site visit training program on current standards and evaluation in Chicago and attend one meeting each of the Continuing Pharmacy Education Commission and the International Commission (2 days each; in Chicago or virtual) during the spring or fall of 2024.
  • June 12-14, 2024 Board meeting. - Review all the reading material in advance, participate in the discussions but not have voting privileges.  The new appointees would take office on July 1, 2024.


  • ACPE reimburses all travel and expenses related to Board meetings and site visits, according to ACPE’s travel policies; no direct payment is made for Board of Director service time. 
  • ACPE Board members will be asked to sign the ACPE disclosure and confidentiality agreement.
  • ACPE Board members are covered by our corporate insurance for their activities on behalf of ACPE.  

If you have any questions about the roles and responsibilities of the AACP appointee to the ACPE Board of Directors, please contact Terri Moore, AACP Vice President, Chief Diversity and Strategy Officer, at tmoore@aacp.org.