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June 5, 2024 -
The 20th AACP NMA Conference: Overcoming The Challenges: Self-care Education in Today’s World, is a chance for faculty at all stages of their careers to network with pharmacy colleagues teaching self-care and nonprescription medications, to
June 2, 2022 -

The Bridging Pharmacy Education and Practice Summit was the first major initiative of the AACP Transformation Center that was held simultaneously at six campus locations regionally across the U.S on June 2–3, 2022. We engaged six national

May 19, 2022 -
The 19th AACP NMA Conference is an opportunity for pharmacy faculty to engage and collaborate in the self-care and non-prescription medicine arena. Programming integrates current trends and scholarly activities in self-care relevant to
June 10, 2021 -
Insight Into Philanthropy for Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy Workshop

Join your CEO dean and development officer colleagues for this complimentary workshop on June 10 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET where attendees will gain an

March 8, 2021 -
Leadership in Enrollment Management 2021 Admissions Workshop

Colleges and schools of pharmacy must foster strategic leadership at all levels of enrollment management to effectively respond to increasingly competitive and uncertain

November 12, 2020 -
Join your colleagues virtually to network and develop new ways to support community pharmacy practice transformation at the Remote AACP/ACT Workshop, Nov. 12–13. This first-of-its-kind workshop will use a highly-interactive online format
January 3, 2019 -

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy is honored to host the 2019 National Conference of Pharmaceutical Organizations (NCPO) in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. The conference will provide a forum for NCPO members to discuss the

October 31, 2017 -

Leading effective teams is a critical skill to have at any level in your career.

Leading teams toward great performance can be achieved by applying a set of guiding principles to each unique group situation, such as pedagogical teams in