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AACP Staff
Date: October 3
Title: Articulated Partnerships: A Structured Approach to Pipeline Building
Description: Learn how a small private institution has created and leveraged articulation agreements with community colleges, as well as public and private institutions in order to build a pipeline of applicants. Topics covered will include relationship building, institution selection, agreement design, and marketing.

AACP Staff
Date: September 26
Title: AACP Connect Community Administrator Training
Description: The Community Administrator training will cover all content that was covered at the annual meeting Community Administrator training session. This includes how to post an announcement, create, edit, and delete folders and subfolders in the Community library, and much more.

AACP Staff
Date: September 25
Title: AACP Connect Training-The Basics
Description: This training session will cover a variety of functionality, navigation, and other aspects of the AACP Connect platform. We will cover how to update your profile, post and a reply to a discussion, upload a document to the Community library, plus a variety of best practices to enhance the user experience.

Governance Group: Pharmacy Practice Section
Date: September 20
Title:Opportunities in Scholarship- A Focus on foundational grants and the scholarship of teaching and learning
Description: This webinar will include two sessions to assist faculty with a scholarship focus. The first half of the webinar is intended to provide an overview of considerations when submitting foundational grants including how to get started and strategies to identify mentors. The second half of the webinar will describe an approach to getting involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning in addition to reviewing lessons learned.

AACP Staff
Date: September 18
Title: AHA Funding Opportunities for Pharmacy Researchers
Description: This webinar will provide an overview of funding opportunities from the American Heart Association (AHA), highlighting award types and topics of that may be of particular interest to pharmacy researchers and faculty at colleges and schools of pharmacy. Opportunities for researchers at different career stages will be discussed in the context of AHA's portfolio of research programs, along with an introduction to AHA’s focused research programs and partnerships. The webinar will also provide guidance on how to apply for AHA programs and pointers to resources for applicants.

Governance Group: Library and Information Science Section
Date: September 13
Title: Evaluating Scholarly Quality in Open Access Publishing: Part 2
Description: Part 2 of the webinar explores the implications publishing in potentially predatory and questionable journals, including the discoverability of these articles in reputable databases such as PubMed. Presenters will review the relationship between MEDLINE, PubMed, and PubMed Central as it related to open access. Finally, presenters will provide attendees a list of recommended resources they can utilize during the scholarly publication process.

Governance Group: Library and Information Science Section
Date: September 11
Title: Evaluating Scholarly Quality in Open Access Publishing: Part 1
Description: With the rise of open access journals in scholarly publishing, there has been an increase in the number of questionable and even predatory journals in the body of scientific literature. Many of these journals lack formal peer review, aggressively solicit contributions from researchers, and guarantee publications for those who submit fast-track fees. In this two-part webinar series, attendees will learn how the open access publishing model evolved and its unique impact on the biomedical and health sciences field. Attendees will be introduced to a series of tools and vetting criteria that they can apply to journals during the evaluation process. 
Part 1 of the webinar focuses on open-access publishing models, with special attention paid to questionable and exploitative publishing, and methods of identifying questionable scholarly publishing practices. 

Governance Group: Council of Faculties
Date: August 23
Title: Step Up Your Experiential Game: Tips for Junior Pharmacy Faculty
Description: This educational program will provide precepting guidance to junior pharmacy faculty members who have recently established practice sites. It will detail how to successfully integrate pharmacy experiential learners into diverse responsibilities including patient care, didactics, research, and administration. Additionally, the webinar will provide examples and advice for how to handle difficult and unmotivated learners in experiential education. 

Governance Group:Global Pharmacy Education SIG
Date: August 7
Title: Assessing Students During Global Pharmacy APPEs: Sharing Best Practices 
Description: Student pharmacists participating in global experiences in the curriculum are assessed in a variety of methods. Current practices should ideally map to global competency frameworks as well as CAPE outcomes. This session is designed for preceptors of students and experiential education administrators to better identify best practices when creating formative and summative assessment tools in the area of global APPEs.

Governance Group: Pharmacy Practice Section
Date: July 12
Title: Perspectives on Developing a Successful New Investigator Award Application
Description: The proposed webinar will address strategies focused on the development of a competitive (New Investigator Award) NIA application. For a comprehensive focus, insights will be discussed from the perspective of an NIA applicant (recent NIA awardee) and from the perspective of an NIA grant reviewer.

AACP and AAPS Joint Webinar
Date: June 27
Title: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: A Foundation for Innovation
Description: This webinar is a companion to the special session "Assess Yourself to Success: Building a Better Team," to be held at the AACP Annual Meeting on July 23, 2018. This webinar introduce tools and concepts for understanding how your emotional intelligence and the interplay between emotional intelligence and leadership style.

AACP Staff
Date: June 21
Title: Inspiring Future Pharmacists: The Development of a Pharmacy Career Exploration Program for High School Students
Description: This webinar will describe the ongoing development of the University of Washington School of Pharmacy’s Students Exploring Pharmacy (STEP) program, held each summer for high school students. Speakers will discuss the essential program characteristics to include when developing a multi-day enrichment program for high school students on campus.

Governance Group: Global Pharmacy Education SIG
Date: June 19
Title: Global Pharmacy Education Pre-Business Meeting
Description: This webinar is for those interested in learning more about the work of the Global Pharmacy Education SIG. A specific focus for this webinar will be on the future strategic direction of the SIG based on a survey of SIG member interests. 

AACP Staff
Date: June 7
Title: Tap into the Pharmacy Pipeline through HOSA – Future Health Professionals
Description: Colleges and schools of pharmacy can build a more robust pipeline through HOSA – Future Health Professionals! Speakers will provide the latest on the new 2018 HOSA Pharmacy Science pilot that will culminate in an exciting national event at the upcoming HOSA International Leadership Conference (ILC) in Dallas from June 27-30, 2018. High school students who are interested in pharmacy careers and have placed at the state level will compete in this unique competition.

Governance Group: Laboratory Instructors SIG
Date: June 6
Title: Developing and Administering OSCEs
Description: The webinar will discuss how EPA’s were ranked, incorporated into OSCEs, and assessed. The webinar will also discuss the development of OSCE stations, the infrastructure and personnel needs to deliver OSCEs, and setting OSCE cut scores through different methods. Finally, options for remediation will be discussed.

Governance Group: Administrative Services Section
Date: June 5
Title: Running Effective Business Meetings
Description: Have you ever sat in meeting after meeting with the sense that nothing is actually being accomplished?  Has "death by meeting" impacted your workload negatively?  This webinar will explore how to increase efficiency and workload of all staff and faculty through sharing best practices in meeting structures, how to best lead an effective business meeting, stay on time, and identify specific action items prior to adjournment.

Governance Group: History of Pharmacy SIG
Date: May 31
Title: When Pharmacy Goes to War: The Impact of Pharmacy and WWII Japanese-American Concentration Camps
Description: The AACP History of Pharmacy SIG proudly presents this informative The AACP History of Pharmacy SIG proudly presents this informative programming in the format of a webinar detailing how pharmacists acted in the public interest during an indelible period in US history.  WWII in the United States led to the mass removal of approximately 120,000 Japanese Americans living in the western United States.

Governance Group: Social and Administrative Sciences Section
Date: May 30
Title: The importance of professional branding in career development
Description: As pharmacy educators develop their areas of expertise, it is imperative that they pay careful attention to their personal brand as a professional. A personal brand is a promise that an individual consistently delivers on most, if not all, projects. Herein, we will discuss the benefits of developing your personal brand as a professional, as well as effective strategies to ensure that this personal brand will yield positive results for you, as well as for any organization currently employing your greatest talents.

Governance Group: Assessment SIG
Date: May 24
Title: Evaluating Student Professionalism: One Construct, Three Schools, Three Approaches
Description: The construct of student professionalism is multidimensional, exhibited through a variety of behaviors and attitudes, and in a variety of contexts. Recognizing its importance as an essential component of student development into practitioner, curricula and co-curricula offer opportunities that foster professionalism.

Governance Group: Administrative Services Section
Date: May 23
Title: Organizational Structures in Pharmacy Education
Description: Have you ever wondered if your college is under staffed? Is your structure meeting your curricular needs? This webinar session will explore how schools and colleges might go about an assessment and change proposal for their organizational structures as well as possible recommendations for how AACP might help with the process.

Governance Group: HDCC SIG
Date: May 22
Title: Practice-based Urban Underserved Learning Competencies & Integration within an Underserved Elective 
Description: This programming will discuss the results of a recent study that utilized a Delphi process to develop practice-based learning competencies for pharmacy students who wish to practice in urban underserved settings upon graduation.

Governance Group: Experiential Education Section
Date: May 17
Title: Innovations in Experiential Education Assessment
Description: This program will highlight innovations identified through a qualitative study of experiential education (EE) assessment programs, and attendees will be asked to share their own innovations. Descriptions of approaches to assessing quality of preceptor, site, student, and EE curriculum performance will be presented, as well as strategies for site visits. A step-wise method for performing quality assurance in EE will be outlined, as will a structured annual assessment of an EE program.

Governance Group: TiPEL SIG
Date: May 16
Title: Teaching Course Competency including Pharmacist Patient Care Process
Description: This webinar is designed to share how technologies in the laboratory such as Zoom is utilized for course facilitation across multiple campuses including verification of student engagement.  How electronic health record is implemented in pharmacy curriculum to highlight pharmacist patient care process is also discussed.

Governance Group: AFO SIG (In Collaboration with the Student Services SIG)
Date: May 10
Title: Admissions is Everybody’s Job!: Collaborative Enrollment Management 
Description: Applicant numbers have been decreasing across the academy, resulting in many programs placing greater emphasis on recruitment and enrollment strategies. As part of the AACP strategic Plan 2016-2019, Strategic Priorities 1 and 2, have established goals to expand the pipeline, increase the applicant pool and create a new portrait of Pharmacists and Pharmacy careers.

Governance Group: Leadership Development SIG
Date: May 8
Title: Incorporation of Frameworks to develop longitudinal leadership programming
Description: This webinar will detail the application of theory-based leadership frameworks as a method to designed to facilitate leadership programming for both students and faculty. The webinar will describe how leadership frameworks have been utilized to  (1) develop new leadership programs (2) assess established leadership programs and (3) implement leadership development opportunities for faculty. 

AACP Staff
Date: May 2
Title: House of Delegates Policy Webinar

AACP Staff
Date: April 26
Title: The use of text messaging and relational recruiting to build better outcomes with students.
Description: This session will center discussion around the use of text messaging platforms and models of relational recruiting used by the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy’s Office of Enrollment Management. In the session we will discuss the implementation of text messaging as a way to increase response rates and yield throughout the admissions cycle, as well as ways in which established relationships with students affect these outcomes.

Governance Group: Laboratory Instructors SIG
Date: April 26
Title: Prescription Verification: Teaching Students to Identify Errors and Opportunities 
Description: This webinar will have speakers from pharmacy schools across the county speak about how they have utilized their skills labs to host activities that help students become comfortable with order verification in both the community and health system settings. We will discuss strategic methods of implementation and student assessment utilizing various levels of technology across the skills laboratory curriculum. 

Governance Group: Geriatric SIG
Date: April 24
Title: Incorporating Students into a Geriatric Rotation: Tips and Tricks for Making your Rotation a Success
Description: Join us as we discuss techniques for providing a rotation experience that will enhance your practice and set learners up for success. Session topics will include the importance of developing a syllabus, ideas for rotation activities, and how to provide effective feedback to learners. Participants will leave the session with ideas on how to create a learning experience that enhances your clinical practice and provides professional fulfillment, while benefiting learners. The session will conclude with participants sharing ideas on how they have made their rotation a success. 

Governance Group: Student Services SIG
Date: April 19
Title: Development/Implementation of Recruitment/Pipeline Programs for Minority & Underrepresented Students
Description: Increasing the diversity of student populations in health professions programs in central to the mission, vision, and values of many institutions. Diversity aims to improve the student experience, improve educational outcomes, and improve the quality of health care delivered. This session will discuss the development and implementation of recruitment and pipeline programs for minority and underrepresented students at two PharmD programs.

Title: How PharmGrad Can Enhance your Admissions Process (AACP Staff)
Date: April 18
Description: This webinar will provide schools with an overview of how PharmGrad, the Pharmacy Graduate Application Service, and its cloud-based admissions software works. The benefits to institutions and to applicants will be outlined, and a graduate program will share their experience in using the service.

Governance Group: Pharmacy Practice Section
Date: April 18
Title: Incorporating and Assessing Interprofessional Activities in Pharmacy Curriculum
Description: This webinar is designed to be a practical resource for pharmacy educators who are in the early stages of developing, implementing, and assessing interprofessional education (IPE).

Governance Group: Council of Faculties
Date: April 11
Title: Challenges in the Classroom - Novice and Seasoned Faculty Perspectives
Description: Managing the classroom can be daunting for a junior faculty member, especially when faced with difficult or disengaged students. The first in a two part series from the Council of Faculty’s Junior Faculty Task Force, this webinar will provide perspectives from both a junior and senior faculty member on successful integration of active learning strategies and managing difficult students in the classroom.

AACP Staff
Date: April 4
Title: House of Delegates New Delegate Orientation

Governance Group: TiPEL SIG
Date: March 29
Title: Technologies in the Laboratory and Milestone Courses
Description: Provide examples of how technology can play an important role in an aid to have students with special needs excel in pharmaceutics laboratory. Demonstrate how "Real-Time" digital rubrics with instantaneous feedback are utilized to improve curricular milestone assessments including simulation assessments, clinical-decision making, interprofessional and patient ownership skills.

Governance Group: Student Services SIG
Date: March 22
Title: Mental Wellness: Addressing our Students’ Mental Health and Emotional Needs
Description: Understand the stressors of pharmacy school and its impact on our students. Identify ways to manage our own and our students’ mental health needs. Identify ways to promote mental wellness/well-being. Assist our students during a mental health crisis

Governance Group: HDCC SIG
Date: March 19
Title: Student Hotspotting: A Community-Based Learning Lab with Medically and Socially Complex Patient Populations
Description: Describe the student hotspotting program. Discuss how student hotspotting aligns with ACPE standards, fosters interprofessional team-based education, and demonstrates value-based care. Compare and contrast the programmatic design (i.e. faculty, student, community, patient engagement) and outcomes assessment of student hotspotting programs. 

Governance Group: Student Services SIG
Date: February 23
Title: Co-Curricular Transcripts, Student Portfolios, and Programmatic Documentation of Co-Curricular Activities

Governance Group: Pharmacy Practice Section
Date: February 22
Title: Exploring the Peer Evaluation of Teaching: A Didactic and Experiential Perspective
Description: List the didactic and experiential teaching areas that could be assessed during the peer evaluation process. Identify individuals to conduct a peer evaluation of didactic and/or experiential teaching. Discuss the benefits and challenges associated with the peer evaluation process. Describe assessment tools used to document an individual's peer evaluation of teaching.

Governance Group: Laboratory Instructors SIG
Date: January 30
Title: Grading Efficiency and Standardization
Description: Describe a standardized patient training program developed to improve consistency with patient portrayal and student assessment of OSCE events. Demonstrate how OSCEs can be graded in real time utilizing ExamSoft rubrics and standardized patient graders.

Governance Group: Experiential Education Section
Date: January 25
Title: Survey Savvy: Diving Deeper into Survey Research in Experiential Education
Description: Identify rigorous survey design and validation processes that will improve the quality of survey research in experiential education. Provide examples of successful survey design components and processes related to experiential education.


Governance Group: Global Pharmacy Education SIG
Date: November 8
Title: Action Plan for Implementing the Nanjing Outcomes
Description: The main purpose of this program is to share the rationale for developing and implementing the Nanjing Outcomes on pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences education. Leaders from FIP, AACP, and ACPE and 42 countries worldwide collaborated on establishing these statements to enhance professional global workforce development.

Governance Group: Curriculum SIG
Date: September 12
Title: Entrustable Professional Activities Implementations
Description: The Core EPAs for New Pharmacy Graduates delineate the skills and tasks that entry-level pharmacists must be able to perform, regardless of setting. This webinar will describe ways the EPA statements can be used, to both internal and external audiences, to establish what a pharmacist is and does, as well as provide guidance for implementation of EPAs within your home institution.

Governance Group: Student Services Personnel
Date: June 29
Title: Flipping the Student Advising Model
Description: Explore and examine the appreciative advising model as strategy to support pharmacy student progression, academic success and co-curricular learning. The presenter will also share and discuss mechanisms/strategies for identifying at-risk students. Tips for faculty development will also be provided.

Governance Group: Administrative Services Section
Date: June 8
Title: A Collaborative Process to Measure Faculty Workload
Description: This presentation will provide several perspectives on the University of Maryland's School of Pharmacy's efforts to develop a collaborative process to measure faculty workload, determine criteria and identify data sources, improve accuracy and consistency in institutional reporting; and how to engage faculty members in the process and gain faculty buy-in.

Governance Group: Curriculum SIG
Date: June 7
Title: Entrustable Professional Activities Report
Description: According to ACPE, Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) have been identified by various healthcare professions to demonstrate the value of each discipline to the rest of the interprofessional teams. Currently, colleges/schools of pharmacy are examining essential professional activities that their graduates must perform to better meet patients' needs.

Governance Group: Laboratory Instructors SIG
Date: May 24
Title: Incorporation of Students and Residents in the Pharmacy Lab
Description: Three speakers will present from three different institutions in regards to their experience in utilizing and incorporating students and residents into the pharmacy laboratory curriculum.

Governance Group: Geriatric Pharmacy SIG
Date: April 25
Title: Frailty in Older Adults- How Pharmacists Can Intervene
Description: With our aging population, it is common to encounter an elderly patient with frailty.  Frailty is a “faster than typical decline” in physiological reserve with ageing.  We are going to explore three interesting topics where pharmacists can potentially improve outcomes:  weight loss, polypharmacy and resultant adverse drug reactions, and pain management.

Governance Group: Public Health SIG
Date: April 21
Title: Opportunities for Public Health-based Scholarship for Pharmacy
Description: This webinar will discuss opportunities for engagement, such as the use of publicly available databases. In addition, the webinar will provide a framework to integrate public health scholarship into pharmacy curricula.

Governance Group: Curriculum SIG
Date: March 22
Title: Curricular Mapping for Experiential Education
Description: Experiential education plays an essential role in educating and training the pharmacy student.  There have been a number of changes to the requirements in how pharmacy students should be educated, guided both by new accreditation standards as well as school-specific outcomes.

Governance Group: Student Services Personnel
Date: March 16
Title: Resilience: An Essential Component of Today’s Pharmacist
Description: This webinar will introduce and examine PsyCap with a focus on one its core components, resilience. Do you want to better understand the importance of resilience or what some call “grit”? Then join us as we provide insight into our exploration of the subject and preliminary efforts to examine this in student pharmacists.

Governance Group: Substance Abuse Education and Assistance
Date: March 1
Title: SUBSIG Share!
Description: This webinar is the first in a series of monthly operational webinars to permit members to introduce themselves to the SUBSIG, focusing on how they are impacting the epidemic of substance use disorders among students, colleagues, and their community through their teaching, service, and scholarship.

Governance Group: Public Health SIG
Date: February 22
Title: The Role of Public Health Education in the Pharmacy Curriculum 
Description: This webinar will focus on the recent paper written by members of the Public Health SIG, entitled "Public Health and the CAPE 2013 Educational Outcomes: Inclusion, Pedagogical Considerations and Assessment." Speakers will discuss the growing need for public health within pharmacy curricula and opportunities/examples for inclusion in courses and in the wider curricular structure.

Governance Group: Global Pharmacy Education SIG
Date: February 8
Title: Assessment of Pharmacy Students’ Global Experiences: A Systematic Review

Governance Group: Curriculum SIG
Date: February 8
Title: Co-Curricular Updates
Description: To better meet the ACPE Standards for Co-Curricular activities. Specifically, to ensure that pharmacy students are ready to enter the advanced pharmacy practice experiences, able to provide direct-patient care in a variety of healthcare settings, and contribute as members of interprofessional collaborative patient care teams.

Governance Group: Library and Information Science Section
Date: February 3
Title: Partnering with the Pharmaceutical Industry to Develop Post-Graduate Fellowship Programs in Drug Information
Description: As the number of pharmacy graduates has grown, there has been a significant increase in the number of graduates seeking post-graduate training such as residencies or fellowships. Post-graduate fellowships associated with academia have traditionally focused on development of research skills.

Governance Group: Geriatric Pharmacy SIG
Date: January 10
Title: Interprofessional Geriatric Education: Implementation Across Multiple Institutions
Description: This interactive program will cover strategies to develop interprofessional education events outside of a single university setting. Participants are encouraged to share their best practices of creating and organizing active, engaging learning sessions.


Governance Group: Biological Sciences Section
Date: May 19
Title: How to Find and Apply for Corporate and Foundation Funding Opportunities
Description: This Webinar will provide participants with an overview on how to research and locate potential corporate and foundation supporters, how to determine the best strategy to use to approach the corporate or foundation for support and how to develop a strong proposal.

Governance Group: Substance Abuse Education and Assistance
Date: April 21
Title: Best Practices for Overdose and Naloxone Education in Higher Education
Description: Best practices how overdose education and naloxone distribution and/or education is being deployed at Colleges/Schools of Pharmacy/Universities.  Faculty and students from three different pharmacy programs will discuss future events (interdisciplinary naloxone and overdose training), past events ("Die-In" Awareness event and training), and current events (statewide student pharmacist overdose education).

Governance Group: Laboratory Instructors SIG
Date: April 18
Title: Incorporating Electronic Health Records into the Classroom
Description: With the widespread use of electronic health records (EHRs) in today’s healthcare systems, it is essential for students to be prepared to effectively and safely use EHRs upon graduation.  In order to meet this goal, pharmacy students should be introduced to EHRs in the classroom setting.

Governance Group: Global Pharmacy Education SIG
Date: April 13
Title: Implementing Global/International Pharmacy Education (G/I PE) through APPEs – Starting from Scratch and Best Practices
Description: Membersof the Global Pharmacy Education (GPE) SIG will share and lead discussion on implementing Global / International Pharmacy Education (G/I PE) in the experiential settings.  Speakers will share their experiences and perspectives on the implementing G/I APPEs, identify the pros and cons of doing so, and share challenges faced and lessons learned.  Best practices in implementing G/I APPEs will also be shared.

Governance Group: Global Pharmacy Education SIG
Date: March 23
Title: Operationalizing Global/International Pharmacy Education in the Classroom
Description: Members of the Global Pharmacy Education SIG will share and lead discussion on operationalizing Global/International Pharmacy Education (G/I PE) in the classroom setting. Speakers will share their experiences in creating G/I PE courses and incorporating G/I PE learning opportunities into existing curricula. Challenges faced, lessons learned, and best practices from three Schools will be discussed.

Governance Group: Global Pharmacy Education SIG
Date: February 24
Title: Connecting Global Pharmacy Education to CAPE 2013: Curricular Implementation
Description: Members of the Global Pharmacy Education SIG will share and lead discussion on the rationale for and benefits of implementing Global / International Pharmacy Education (G/I PE) into US pharmacy curricula. Speakers will share their perspective on how G/I PE can be tied to the CAPE 2013 Outcomes. Curricular implementation of G/I PE in alignment with CAPE 2013 will be discussed from programmatic, didactic and experiential coursework levels, encompassing strategies for sound curricular design throughout.

Governance Group: Library and Information Science Section
Date: February 23
Title: Using Constructivism to Teach Evidence-Based Medicine Skills
Description: During this webinar, presenters will outline the evidence-based medicine framework—ask, acquire, appraise, apply, assess—and discuss how it relates to the CAPE outcomes and accreditation standards. 


Governance Group: TiPEL SIG
Date: November 19
Title: Social Media and Pharmacy Academics: Current Status and Future Developments

Special Task Force on Health Information Technology
Date: August 4
Title: Health Information Technology and Informatics Competencies: Focus Group

AACP Special Committee on Admissions
Date: June 24
Title: Pharmacy Admissions: Collaboration for Success

Governance Group: Experiential Education Section
Date: January 28