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Catalyst Role Description


An individual accepted into the AACP Catalyst program,


  • Build and lead collaborative research programs.
  • Acquire skills to support high-impact research throughout changes in social, economic and political landscapes. 
  • Foster attitudes and behaviors that enhance research team productivity. 
  • Cultivate a network of research funders and leaders. 
  • Aspire to move others toward a shared research vision within your organization. 


  • A network of Catalysts (a large group of 15 and smaller group of 5) will allow exploration of values, theories, strategies and actions to address research leadership.  
  • A Research Mentor at the Catalyst’s home institution enables the Catalyst to grow according to their individualized research leadership development plan and the needs of the institution. 
  • A supporting network of AACP staff is encouraged and will strengthen research leadership development within AACP. 
  • Further networks will be established as the Catalyst advocates for and connect to the broader research community.  

Program Requirements

  • In a position to accept and/or expand research leadership responsibilities. 
  • Ethics and values consistent with AACP. 
  • Assurance of release time to engage in the AACP Catalyst meetings and associated activities (approximately 12-14 days).

Typical Activities

  • Create and implement personal research leadership development plan. 
  • Attend and actively participate in three multi-day meetings during the year. 
  • Schedule meetings (formal and informal) with Research Mentor and plan for those meetings by providing topics and discussion agenda or sharing that responsibility with the Research Mentor. 
  • Improve and/or develop modern leadership attitudes and behaviors consistent with Responsible Conduct of Research.