Faculty News: January 2018

AACP Article

Purdue University


  • Arun Ghosh received $186,716 from University of California-Santa Cruz for “Mechanisms of the Spliceosome Protein SF3B1 and Inhibitors.”
  • Marlene Heeg received $50,000 from Commonwealth Diagnostics International for “2017 IBS Prime Initiative.”
  • Karen S. Hudmon received $57,215 from Indiana University for “IU Simon Cancer Center- P30 Supplement for Tobacco Cessation.”
  • Jane Krause received $5,000 from Indiana Collegiate Action Network for “Conversations with Faculty, Staff, Students, and Administrators: Addressing Alcohol Use on Campus.”
  • Amy Heck Sheehan received $115,974 from Janssen Scientific Affairs for “FDA/Pudue/Janssen Scientific Affairs Drug Information Pharmaceutical Fellowship.”
  • Jenny Sjogren received$45,574 from American Heart Association for “Targeting Molecular Mechanisms of RGS2 Protein Degradation for Novel Cardiovascular Therapeutics (210164 Xfer Remaining Balance from MSU).”
  • Lynne Taylor received $277,336 from PHS-FDA Food and Drug Administration for “Phase Behavior and Transformation Kinetics of a Poorly Water Soluble Weakly Basic Drug Upon Transit for Low to High pH Conditions.”
  • Zhong-Yin Zhang received $93,000 from Indiana University for “Development of an HTS Assay for Discovery of HBV cccDNA Inhibitors; Amendment 1, Grant 108763.”
  • Alan Zillich received $492,897 from Eskenazi Health for “Co-funded Position in Adult Medicine with Eskenazi Hospital.”


The University of Mississippi


  • Eman Ashour, research assistant professor of pharmaceutics and drug delivery
  • Jordan Ballou
    • Supervisor, Mountain East Province of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.
    • Appointed Member, MPhA Membership Committee
  • Marie Barnard, assistant professor of pharmacy administration
  • Lauren Bloodworth, President Elect, MPhA, MPhA Education Committee
  • Meagan Brown
    • Secretary, MSHP
    • Appointed Member, AACP Professional Affairs Committee
    • Member, APHA-APPM Awards Committee
    • Re-appointed, UMMC HealthCare Disparities Committee
  • Courtney Davis, Immediate Past President, MSHP
  • Seena Haines
    • President Elect, MCCP
    • Chair Elect, AACP Women Faculty SIG
    • Appointed Member, AACP Council of Faculties Department Chair Learning Community and Annual Meeting Programming
    • Appointed Member, ASHP, Council for Workforce Development
    • Appointed Member, ASHP Joint Section and Forum Leadership Development Advisory Panel
    • Co-Chair, NMA AACP Programming Committee
  • Stuart Haines
    • Elected-Chair, Council of Faculties, AACP
    • Appointed Vice Chair ACCP Nominations Committee
    • Appointed Co-Chair, Alliance for Continuing Education for Health Professions (ACEhp), Education Committee
  • Kris Harrell, Appointed Member AACP Council of Faculties Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Anastasia Jenkins, President-Elect, MSHP
  • Scott Malinowski
    • Electronic Media Coordinator, MSHP
    • CPD Section Awards Committee - AACP
  • Katie McClendon
    • Member 2018 ACCP Annual Meeting Program Committee
    • Member AACP Council of Faculties (COF) Emerging Teaching Scholars Awards Committee
  • Jason Paris, assistant professor of pharmacology
  • Adam Pate, clinical associate professor of pharmacy practice
  • Kristen Pate, clinical associate professor of pharmacy practice; APhA MM SIG Clinical Committee Co-Chair
  • Eric Pittman, clinical director of MS-DUR Initiative, research assistant professor of pharmacy administration
  • John Rimoldi, Medicinal Chemistry Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Melissa Reilly, clinical assistant professor of pharmacy practice
  • Leigh Ann Ross,
    • Member, AACP Council of Deans Task Force on Population Health 
    • Chair, Pharmacotherapy Publications, Inc. Board of Directors
  • Sudeshna Roy, assistant professor of medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy
  • James Stewart, associate professor of pharmacology
  • Kayla Stover, ACCP Nominations Committee
  • Noa Valcarcel-Ares, faculty instructor
  • Jamie Wagner
    • MSHP Education Committee Chair
    • ACCP ID PRN Programming Chair
    • SIDP LTC Subcommittee Chair
    • AACP Council of Faculties Junior Faculty Learning Community Chair
    • AACP Pharmacy Practice Section Scholarship & Research Committee
    • ACCP Research Fellowship Review Committee


  • Kim Adcock, University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy Distinguished Teaching Fellow for 2017-2020.
  • Robert Doerksen, University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy Distinguished Teaching Fellow for 2017-2020.
  • Joshua Fleming
    • University of Mississippi Medical Center Nelson Order
    • IPPE Preceptor of the Year
  • Laurie Fleming
    • University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy Faculty Service Award
    • MSHP Pharmacist of the Year
  • Seena Haines, Fellow, ACCP
  • Erin Holmes, University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy Distinguished Teaching Fellow for 2017-2020.
  • S. Narasimha Murthy, Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Researcher of the Year Award
  • Leigh Ann Ross
    • Fellow APhA
    • AACP Pharmacy Practice Service Award - July 2017
  • John Rimoldi
    • Elsie M. Hood Outstanding Teacher Award
    • University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy Distinguished Teaching Fellow for 2017-2020
  • Meagen Rosenthal, University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy New Investigator of the Year Award
  • Kayla Stover
    • Fellow, ACCP
    • Fellow, IDSA
  • Jamie Wagner
    • AACP Innovations in CPE Award
    • MSHP Outstanding Young Health System Pharmacist
  • Kristie Willett
    • 2017 Faculty Achievement Award
    • SOP 2017 Faculty Instructional Innovation Award


  • Marie Barnard, NIH, Science Teaching Excites Medical Interest (STEMI) $110,143
  • Lauren Bloodworth
    • CDC MSDH Pharmacy Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Project, $465,763
    • MSPHI, Together on Diabetes, $42,981
    • CCTS: UMMC – Mississippi Diabetes Health Care Network Initiative, $129,242
    • MSDH - Community Clinical Linkages, $51,566
  • Jason Paris, NIH, Opiate Abuse of Sex Steroids influence neuroAIDS Pathology
  • Joshua Sharp, NSF, Measuring Protein Topology in Conformationally Heterogeneous Mixtures by Top-Down Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting
  • Marc Slattery, Kristie Willett, Deb Gochfeld, University of Southern Mississippi, MBRACE
  • Jamie Wagner, MAD ID Antimicrobial Stewardship Research Grant, $30,000
  • Kristie Willett
    • NIH, Developmental Toxicity of Cannabidiol and △9-Tetrahydrocannabinol
    • WRRI Risk of Lead Contamination in Public Water


  • Courtney Davis, clinical associate professor
  • Meagan Brown, clinical associate professor
  • Robert Doerksen, associate professor of medicinal chemistry, was promoted to associate dean at the University of Mississippi Graduate School


  • Rachel Robinson, clinical assistant professor of pharmacy practice

Xavier University of Louisiana


  • Suzanne S. Monteverde, assistant professor


  • Gladys P. Alford, tenured professor