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A record-setting Pharmacy Education 2018 showcased an Academy focused on building future leaders in healthcare who are dedicated to helping people live healthier, better lives.

By Kyle R. Bagin

Boston was a fitting host for the 2018 AACP Annual Meeting, as a historic number of attendees gathered to learn, connect and shape the future of the profession. Amid discussions focused on the growth in roles for the pharmacist and an ongoing opioid epidemic, Pharmacy Education 2018 served as the premier space for the Academy to gather its thoughts and find its voice.

Happy at Work

“When we look at the [research], studies all show the same thing—When we are happy, we are more effective in the workplace. We learn happier, better, faster and more.”

During the Opening General Session, best-selling author Dr. Annie McKee shared her insight into the power of purpose, hope and friendship in creating happiness and resultantly, ensuring a healthy and productive workplace. “Work needs to feel like a calling, not a job,” she began.

This progress, however, isn’t achieved without leadership and discipline. “Great leadership starts with personal transformation,” she said. “Outdated myths and mindsets about the meaning of work hold back the development of more great leaders.”

The push to dispel outdated mindsets continued into Monday’s Science Plenary, with keynote speakers Dr. Marjorie Jenkins and Dr. Rebecca Sleeper. “Women’s health is not sex and gender medicine. Sex and gender variables are basic tenants to provide personalized patient care and move toward precision medicine,” Dr. Jenkins began the plenary.

By first presenting a brief regulatory history of women’s inclusion in research activities and clinical trials, the duo quickly proved their point. “It’s amazing that when we talk about evidence-based care and medicine, we sometimes forget the research pipeline may not be applicable to everyone every single time,” Dr. Jenkins stated. Or put more simply, “Without the data, science cannot find the answer.”

Annie McKee
In order to be happy at work, “there has to be a focus on hope—hope enables us to get up every day and move towards a better future!” Dr. Annie McKee tells the Opening General Session.
Rebecca Sleeper and Marjorie Jenkins
Dr. Rebecca Sleeper and Dr. Marjorie Jenkins answer audience questions following their presentations at the Science Plenary.

Tuesday’s General Session took a further look into the future, as Dr. Bertha Madras, professor of psychobiology at Harvard Medical School, called upon pharmacists to continue their work fighting the ongoing opioid crisis. “Pharmacy has many roles to play,” she stated. “But above all, they are at the intersection of physicians and patients.”

Addressing the Academy specifically, Dr. Madras told the crowd, “You are laying the groundwork for future pharmacists,” and preparing them to face the opioid issue head-on.

Steve Scott with the book Good People displayed behind him.
Immediate Past President Dr. Steven A. Scott gives his final remarks during the Tuesday General Session. “Meeting good people is like walking into a perfume store. Whether you make a purchase or not, you will still receive the fragrance.”
PharmEd18 Attendees interacting around at a table.
Pharmacy Education 2018 set a record for AACP Annual Meeting attendance, with more than 2,600 registrants.

Pharmacy Education 2018 Posters Now Available Online

Miss a poster session at Pharmacy Education 2018? The Research and Education, Student Competition and School posters from Boston are now available to view, in high-definition, on AACP Connect.

Attendees discussing posters.
A new addition in 2018, student pharmacists, graduate students, residents, fellows and postdocs presented their work in the Student Poster Competition alongside Research and Education and School poster presenters.
Attendee photographing graphic notes.
Graphic Notes
A graphic facilitator captured the Science Plenary as-it-happened, drawing the data and stories presented by the speakers in real-time.

Raising the Bottom Line

Pharmacy Education 2018 partnered with the organization Bottom Line to support low-income and first-generation-to-college students with donations and postcards of support. If you’d still like to make a donation, please visit: bit.ly/AACPBottomLine.

Social Academy

Pharmacy Education 2018 represents a community coming together, and that’s no more apparent than on social media. Members shared resources, live-tweeted sessions, took selfies and more across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with #PharmEd18. Relive some of the highlights:

@BRileyPharmD: “Your best friend started as a stranger” @RobbieSamuels Learning the art of the schmooze. #pharmed18

@TweetTheADean: President Scott states that student mental health is not just the responsibility of counselors and advisors - it is the responsibility of each and every one of us. #aacp2018 #pharmEd18 @AACPharmacy @sascottrx

@AACPharmacy: “Although it isn’t a spa vacation, #PharmEd18 is a time to learn from master educators such as @RunBlue @DrJeffCain @drceciliaplaza [and others!] ...How you teach makes a lasting impact,” says Dr. Medina.

@MargaritaDiVall: “The egg (happiness) comes before the chicken (success)” - absolute truth @anniemckee #pharmEd18 @AACPharmacy

@AACPharmacy: “We must consider the diversity of our profession at every turn. Not only will the profession benefit, but #publichealth will benefit from a diverse #pharmacy workforce,” @DavidDAllen at #PharmEd18. – at Hynes Convention Center

@librarianem: The LIS section of @AACPharmacy immediately gave members stickers to decorate their name badges for #PharmEd18 “so everyone knows how awesome we are.” I have found my people.

@David_Steeb: Struggling with how to help students meet face to face throughout the world? Consider virtual opportunities for student driven collaboration #PharmEd18

@adampate_hepate: Packed talk on resilience in students and breaking the stigma of mental health. Maybe an opportunity for a community to start? #pharmed18 @AACPharmacy
@stuartthaines @DrJeffCain

@UK_COP: Nothing like getting a bunch of competitive faculty in a room to see whose team escapes first. @DrJeffCain looks like he might be having a little too much fun. #PharmEdBreakout #PharmEd18

Kyle R. Bagin is Digital Media Manager at AACP.

Innovation Exposition

The latest technology and cutting-edge information came together in the Exhibition Hall and during Research/Education Poster Sessions spanning two days. Attendees browsed innovative tools to advance their work, while networking with peers about their posters.

Interested in exhibit and sponsorship opportunities for the 2019 Annual Meeting in Chicago? Contact Tabbetha Marron, AACP Media & Event Sales, at 410-316-9856.