The Power of INfluence 2017

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At this year’s Interim Meeting, current and future leaders in pharmacy education gathered together to learn from experts in leadership development. They shared innovative practices and strategies to help attendees navigate the changing healthcare and education landscape. Appreciative Inquiry, diversity in pharmacy programs, and generational differences in the workplace were just some of the timely and important topics addressed by INfluence 2017 speakers.

Following are some highlights of the meeting, held Feb. 25–28, as told through social media snapshots.

David D. Allen @DavidDAllen
Darrell Kirch - Competency based education is required for health professionals! Pharmacy is ahead in this. @AACPharmacy #Interim17

David F. Gregory @davidfgregory
One of my favorite slides was “Culture eats strategy for lunch every day” R Clark frm CEO Merck. Get Culture Right @AACPharmacy #INterim17


AACP @AACPharmacy
Research shows meditation improves: Attentional Control, Emotion Regulation, Self-Awareness. #INterim17 #HealthyStartsHere @lauriecameron


AACP @AACPharmacy
In Nance Lucas session on Appreciative Inquiry teams imagine Pharmacy as model for advancing innov. in edu.  #INterim17 #HealthyStartsHere

Heather Petrelli @TweetTheADean
Call on a student; they can punt once to another student but that student must answer. Throw candy for correct answer. #captureyandz

AACP @AACPharmacy
Generation Y will comprise 43% of the workforce in 2020. #INterim17 @ewebbhill @XYZUniversity

Megan Hartranft @MeganPharmD
Discussion on #ppcp at #interim17 reminds me of @ASHPOfficial’s #PAI - both emphasize importance of #pharmacist in improving health outcomes

AACP @AACPharmacy
@NMCorg - Improve teaching profession through focus on hands on, tech based, work along with mentoring and coaching. #NMChz #INterim17