Award for Excellence in Assessment Eligibility and Instructions


Applications are limited to one per program. The college/school of pharmacy must be a current AACP member. Winners of the competition are ineligible to compete for three years.  Up to three awards are given each year.  The application can describe a Pharm.D. program’s discrete project and/or comprehensive programmatic assessment. 

Applicant colleges/schools must be willing to have the details of their applications made available to AACP members via the AACP web site and/or meeting app web site.

Institutional Endorsement

In the submission site, be prepared to upload a document with the institutional endorsement.  The format of the endorsement is as follows:

By endorsing this application you understand that the information, tools, templates and/or other resources may be posted on the AACP web site,, meeting web app, or other similar location.

Dean or Chief Academic Officer

Admin. Title    
College or School    
Award Selection and Criteria

Application Format

The application must include the following:

  1. Contact information for individual submitting the application 
  2. Application endorsement by the Dean or Chief Academic Officer
  3. Font must be Times Roman, 12 points or larger 
  4. Margins must be 1” or larger with double spaced narrative;
  5. Submission must be no longer than 15 pages, including tables/figures included as part of the submission.
  6. Tools/rubrics can be included in Appendices and are not included in the page limit.  
  7. The application must be organized in the following sections. Additional subheadings are appropriate for organization.
    • Identification of problem/project;
    • Data collection and plan for use;
    • Interpretation and dissemination of data;
    • Data-driven action/decision making; and,
    • Evaluation, reflection, and next steps; 
  8. Evidence of IRB approval is required before sharing the details of assessment results on the AACP or meeting web sites. 

Submissions not meeting the stated criteria for required components and length will not be reviewed. Submissions for commercial products are not considered.

Authors are encouraged to submit a manuscript to AJPE and publish through the peer review process.