Early Intervention for At-Risk Students: Effective Advising and Support

February 06, 2024
Noon–1:00 p.m. ET
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Hosted by Enflux

Early identification of struggling pharmacy students is crucial for cultivating academic success, mental well-being, and professional development in Schools of Pharmacy. Timely intervention is key to improving retention rates by promptly addressing issues, fostering a proactive learning environment. Attend the session to gain insights into utilizing Enflux, an analytics and decision support platform for setting up an effective early intervention process. Discover how our data-driven approach, focusing on student performance in competencies rather than just scores, enables quick identification of at-risk students. This facilitates targeted and effective interventions, streamlining support services for individual student needs. The result is a notable impact on graduation rates, effectively preparing students for successful pharmacy careers.


  • Discuss methods to identify and monitor at-risk students using diverse assessment metrics
  • Acquire practical knowledge on implementing an analytics and decision support platform for proactive student support
  • Demonstrate how Enflux can be used to discover and address curricular gaps and inefficiencies
  • Explore the impact of early intervention on graduation rates and discuss strategies to effectively advise and prepare pharmacy students for successful career entry


Alejandra Zertuche, MBA, MS
Founder and CEO

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