Fall 2020 Institute

October 05, 2020
October 07, 2020

20/20 Vision of Experiential Education: Enhancing Collaboration of Assessment, Curriculum and Experiential Teams

Due to the evolving circumstances surrounding COVID-19, AACP has decided to cancel the 2020 Fall Institute. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to providing you with valuable learning opportunities focused on experiential education in the future.


  1. Develop an assessment plan to evaluate experiential activities and to provide evidence for student achievement of learning outcomes at the pre-APPE, APPE and graduate level.
  2. Provide examples of quality assurance strategies that have been used to evaluate preceptors, rotations, sites, administrators and students.
  3. Discuss all elements of instructional design of interprofessional learning during experiential education.
  4. Describe a workload analysis process that can be used to review staff allocation and effort to supply evidence to support their current model or justify the need for additional positions and/or realignment of personnel efforts.
  5. Enhance the ability of academic administrators to appropriately match job responsibilities to team members’ strengths.
  6. Identify strategies that can be used to motivate faculty, students and staff to embrace change.

Who should attend:
Faculty, administrators and staff interested in assessment, curriculum, experiential and interprofessional education.