Integrating Well-Being INTO Your Course

March 05, 2024
1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. ET

Hosted by the Well-Being and Resiliency Community

During this webinar, we will discuss different methods to integrate wellness into an existing course using an example of integration in a required pharmacotherapy course. Some of the methods discussed will include overt in-class activities, subtle "hidden" in-class activities, and online mechanisms. In addition to the method of delivery will discuss the many types of activities that can fit into any format such as mindfulness, creative works, physical movement, metacognitive development, etc. Overall the goal is to discuss various types of formats and content so attendees feel confident in implementing at least 1 strategy in their course.


  • Describe various strategies to implement well-being activities into an existing course.
  • Understand the facilitators and barriers to implementing well-being into the course.
  • Evaluate which strategies can be implemented at your own institution.


Beth Buckley
Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Concordia University


Kristine Cline
Assistant Professor - Practice
The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

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