Introducing the New ISCC-PEG InterProfessional Pharmacogenomics Learning Resource

April 19, 2024
2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. ET
Meeting attendees gathered in a spacious sunlit hall.

Hosted by the Pharmacogenomics SIG

The Pharmacogenomics sub-group of the Inter-Society Coordinating Committee for Practitioner Education in Genomics (ISCC-PEG) has developed a new series of interprofessional pharmacogenomics learning resources for continuing education of all medical professionals interested in pharmacogenomics. The ISCC-PEG is a member driven committee within the NHGRI that aims to improve genomic literacy of healthcare providers. This webinar will introduce audience members interested/involved in PGx education to this new resource in addition to providing information about the mission and vision of ISCC-PEG.

The seminar will be divided into X sections (not including Introduction of speakers):

  1. About ISCC-PEG (5 min.), Dr(s). Otito Iwuchukwu and Claire Spahn
  2. About the Pharmacogenomics Sub-group (5 min.) Dr Claire Spahn?
  3. Planning and Development of the PGx Learning Series (10 min.), Dr Otito Iwuchukwu
  4. A Walkthrough of the Modules (15 min.), Dr(s). Otito Iwuchukwu and Claire Spahn
  5. Earning CE credits (5 min.), Dr Claire Spahn
  6. Questions from the audience (10 min.)


  • Define the aims of the PGx Learning Resource from ISCC-PEG
  • Locate the web-based repository for the various modules in the Learning Resource
  • Explain how learners can use the PGx Learning Resources for continuing education credits


Kristen Ward, PharmD, BCPP
Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Michigan College of Pharmacy


Otito Frances Iwuchukwu, RPh, PhD, MA, FCP
Associate Professor
Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Pharmacy

Claire Spahn, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacist 
Stanford Health Care

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